AnalytiX DS develops differentiable and value added technology products for the data integration industry which aim to close capability and functionality gaps and automate manual processes in metadata management/metadata scanning, pre-ETL source-to-target mapping, ETL conversion and code automation space thus helping its customers get rid of excel based mapping approach.

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"Mapping Manager is a great tool. Having watched it develop over the last few years it has grown into a tool that meets our needs in more ways than we expected when we purchased it. Regular releases have addressed almost everything that we have requested in terms of improvements and enhancements. AnalytiX DS are extremely responsive to our needs in a way that only a small company can be. Having access to all levels of the company means we feel we have a real investment in the ongoing development and success of the product."
Paul Stewart, Enterprise Data Manager, Australian Red Cross Blood Service
"The AnalytiX™: Mapping Manager solution enables us to package Business Data Dictionaries and all our ETL Data Mapping Rules between our industry leading – billing and subscriber optimization software and our new Openet Analytical Platform and package it for client delivery. The solution enables quick and efficient web browsing and maintenance of metadata, data lineage and data mapping rules between multiple operational and analytical systems as well as auto-generation of ETL Code for ETL tool providers like Informatica PowerCenter."
Matt Costello, Director of Business Intelligence Solutions
"HP’s Business Intelligence Solutions" Healthcare Industry Practice has committed to AnalytiX Data Services to leverage the AnalytiX™: Mapping Manager solution as part of HP-BIS’ Accelerator platform set of tools. “The AnalytiX toolset is a scalable tool which enables us to quickly build, version and manage data mapping specifications between our clients’ multiple source data environments and their enterprise data warehouse and data mart environments. It’s an excellent accompaniment to our other industry-leading Accelerators, such as our Audit Balance and Control Framework and our HealthCare Analytical Data Models”. The solution complements any ETL tool suite by providing the ability to quickly consolidate metadata across source and target systems, leverage it to quickly build and version ETL mappings, and auto-generate ETL jobs for Informatica and other ETL tool providers."
Tony Jurek, Practice Principal – BIS Health Plan Industry Solutions
“Mapping Manager helps us with our data integration activities by providing a critical enabling toolset that increases process adherence, promotes the use of shared design assets resulting in accelerated development cycles and improved governance over the entire data mapping process”
John Poonnen, Director, Quintiles
The AnalytiX toolset is an accelerator for data integration projects involving metadata and data mapping. The tool makes a valuable contribution in managing enterprise metadata and data mappings and facilitates the efficient turn-over of project deliverables to our clients. The AnalytiX suite is an important asset to have in any project involving movement of data."
Ramon Barquin, President and CEO, Barquin International
The University of Arkansas at Little Rock welcomes the AnalytiX: Mapping Manager into its ERIQ Data Quality Lab. The AnalytiX toolsets proves to be a flexible, yet powerful enterprise metadata and data mapping tool which enables better management of metadata and data quality surrounding the data mapping process for integration projects. The toolset enables automation, acceleration, best practices and data mapping standards for any project involving movement of data.
John R. Talbert, Director, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
With AMM we were able to reduce overall project duration by close to 25% and cost by close to 35%. Our deliverables have also improved considerably due to fact all development resources now have a common interface to a centralized metadata repository which provides us with complete process, flow and version control capability. As AMM becomes a standard for our regional practice, some interesting uses have started to show up and we have asked AnalytiX to make changes to their product (such as additional import/export capabilities and integration with BPM and meaning-based computing tools) – this will increase usefulness and improve even more our teams ability to delivery. In order to make sure all groups use AMM in a standard way, we are now setting up an AMM COE for all of our delivery teams.
Rom Linhares, HP Information Management and Analytics, Latin America
"The AnalytixDS Codeset Manager (CSM) component of Mapping Manager has met our expectations and proved to be a valuable tool in helping to centralize and standardize our divisional single-value reference data. The framework established by CSM has helped us accelerate our reference data management program and we are confident that the recently released Reference Data Manager (RDM) component will enable us to extend this to incorporate the stewardship and governance of our multi-value reference tables."
Leslie Smith, Senior Data Quality Analyst, Insurance Australia Group (IAG)
"AnalytiX Mapping Manager, the missing link in moving data around! The AnalytiX tool must be essential for everyone who is looking at data warehouses, data migrations, master data management projects and all aspects of data quality.”
David Norris, Analyst, Bloor Research

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