AnalytiX Mapping Manager - A Data Mapping Tool
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AnalytiX Mapping Manager - A Data Mapping Tool
AnalytiX Mapping Manager (AMM) is the flagship product of AnalytiX DS – with a broad range of uses, its primary function is to facilitate better and faster delivery of projects and monthly releases through efficient ETL source to target mappings.

Mapping Manager automates the Pre-ETL data mapping process. Mapping Manager manages the data mappings through the entire life-cycle process (from start to production and through the release and maintenance process). We define the “Pre-ETL Data Mapping” process as the deliverables (commonly referred to as: Source to target mappings (STM), Interface control documents (ICD), Technical Requirements Documents) and the internal processes which manage the data mapping requirements process.

AnalytiX Mapping Manager is an automated framework with “bolt-on” add-on on modules and a customization framework which extends the tools capabilities above and beyond management of the data mapping process. With add-ons for: AMM allows you to scan and import all source and target databases in just about any file format (XML, XSD, Excel, Flat Files, etc.), so that you can quickly understand the metadata, and begin to build your ‘Pre-ETL’ source to target data mapping designs using drag and drop features, and reusable business and transformation rules. We save you 50 to 70% of the time you would spend when compared to traditional means (spreadsheets) – above and beyond that, we also take your designs and generate code for all major ETL brands such as Informatica PowerCenter, Microsoft SSIS, SAP BODS, Talend, Oracle, etc. saving you time in the ETL processes as well! Our custom code-generation templates are widely used in populating industry standard models for Financial Services and Health Care / Life Sciences.

AMM is 100% metadata driven and is used to define and drive standards across integration projects within an enterprise, enable data & process audits, improve data quality, streamline downstream work-flows, increase productivity (especially over geographically dispersed teams) and give project teams, IT leadership, and management visibility into the 'real' status of integration and ETL migration projects across the enterprise.

ETL Documentation: Looking for easy way to document all your complex ETL jobs and ETL job Logic? Look no further. Mapping Manager is purpose built to document and manage all your complex ETL logic. Mapping Manager can create your ETL requirements documents or reverse engineer existing ETL jobs and auto-document existing ETL job logic within Mapping Manager built in web based repository or alternatively utilizing CATfX automation we can integrate the metadata with third party or custom built in-house applications.
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  • Why AMM
    • Manage and Reduce Project Risks, Costs and Resources
    • Accelerate Project Delivery
    • Efficient Collaboration & Programmatic Excellence
    • Deliver Instant Business Value
    • Improve Data Quality Confidence
  • AMM Key Features
    • Scan and organize metadata from wide variety of Databases, Data Models, Flat Files and Unstructured Data
    • Impact Analysis and Data Lineage to identify upstream and downstream dependencies
    • Easy Drag/Drop user interface to create mapping specifications
    • Auto Generate ETL jobs for leading ETL Vendors like Informatica, Datastage, SSIS, ODI, Talend, etc.
    • Define, share and reuse enterprise Transformations
    • Easily Import your Legacy Spreadsheets
    • Enforce Mapping Standards with Customizable Mapping Templates, and version control!
    • Improve your data governance & transformation processes
  • Getting Started with Mapping Manager
    Webinar / Personal tour
    3 ways to see the capabilities:
    FREE – proof of concept using your data from AnalytiX DS support team
    • Make decision to evaluate the software
    • Decide local or cloud access
    • Decide which data to use for the evaluation
    • Determine success criteria
    • Contact AnalytiX DS for FREE Proof of concept (remote) support
    FREE CLOUD or Local Install for evaluation
    • Our dedicated Account Manager will facilitate Access to the cloud or Assist with local Installation Support
    • For local Install download current version here…
    • For more details on licensing, Contact Sales or call at +1 (800) 656-9860
  • Mapping Manager Installation Specifications
    • Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Solaris
    • Supported DBs: SQL Server or Oracle
    • Application Servers: Tomcat, Websphere, Weblogic
    • Note: App can be configured on other servers subject to customization
    • Web browsers: Browser Independent. Runs on all major browsers
    • RAM Capacity: For Proof of Concept with limited users: 8 - 16 GB
    • For Enterprise Production Deployments: 16-32 GB
    • Hard Drive Capacity:120 GB minimum

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