Automate and manage the
Mapping process for
Mortgage industry.

Learn how AnalytiX DS’s solving Data Integration industry’s major pain areas.

Industry standard

Data integrity, completeness, accuracy and data consistency, among the key challenges facing the mortgage industry today. Meaning that organizations today are under immense pressure to reduce costs, streamline processes, improve accuracy and increase transparency.

If this describes your experience, AnalytiX Data Services would like to show you how our Mapping Manager Design and Automation Platform –can take the pain out of managing and updating your spec and can automatically adapt your mappings as the spec changes over time.

Key Benefits

  • Improve Data Quality Confidence
    Mapping Manager helped standardize the data mapping process (Mappings, Metadata, Consistent use of transform rules).
  • Cuts down delivery time
    Increased efficiency through repeatable CAT automation that represents a clear and quantifiable return on in-vestment from day one.
  • Satisfies audit and compliance checks
    View end-to-end data lineage across the enterprise (forward, reverse and dual) and various other reports such as Gap, Validation, Truncation and many more.