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AnalytiX Data Services (also known as AnalytiX DS), a premier provider of Modern Enterprise Data Management Software for Data Governance, Design Mapping and Code Automation announced that they are a Silver Sponsor for this year’s BCBS IM Symposium which is scheduled from September 24th to 27th in the beautiful city of Scottsdale, AZ. The event presents an opportunity for the “Blues” plans to share best practices and successes, while learning about leading edge practices and emerging trends in Information Management, Data Warehousing, and Business Intelligence.

This technical idea sharing forum has proven valuable in transforming the data landscape and ultimately how healthcare services are delivered, and outcomes improved through better leveraging of data resources. The event has been a long-standing opportunity for BCBS Plans Nationwide to network, collaborate, and strategize with their vendor sponsors and each other, as they plan the future of their IT organizations.

We’ll be among this year’s Information Management Symposium silver sponsors. The BCBS IM Symposium is really a unique venue, and having worked at a major plan for many years, it is among my personal favorites. Great people who know how to have an effective conference that blends serious technology and growth discussions with fun! This event has always been profoundly productive, and we at AnalytiX Data Services are truly honored to have been a sponsor for many years – it reflects our commitment to our BCBS Customers and Prospects.
— Sam Benedict, Vice President – Global Sales, AnalytiX DS.

Generating tremendous ROI remains our first order of business – with health care reform and the uncertainty surrounding it, our BCBS Partners are looking for ways to do more with less – and this is our key value proposition. With a broad array of health insurance companies in our portfolio, including many Blues Plans, AnalytiX Data Services can easily understand the magnitude and complexity of their environments, the need to deliver solutions that make a difference quickly, and specifically how our solutions can bring speed and agility to their environments.
— Mike Boggs, Founder & CTO, AnalytiX DS.

Regarding the value-added contribution that AnalytiX Data Services can bring to such an event, AnalytiX DS will be showcasing how their Unified Platform can enable transformation in healthcare with a full range of solutions including; enterprise data mapping, metadata management, data governance, true data quality, and automation – capable of integrating with the client’s existing tools and architecture to bring better visibility, and auditability and compliance. Modern architectures contain many tools, some integrate well, others do not – the Unified Platform fills critical process gaps, and brings together the client’s investment to yield more productivity while reducing time to business value. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet and talk with the CTO and Vice-President of AnalytiX Data Services, and see a demonstration of the tool’s capabilities at booth #112. See how AnalytiX Data Services can help with a variety of regulatory initiatives including compliance with HIPAA, ICD, SOX, PHI Handling, and CMS standards. Everyone that visits the AnalytiX Data Services’ booth will gain access to a free License of the Unified Platform, and the right assistance and guidance to use it!
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