Business Glossary Manager

Business Glossary Manager

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About Business Glossary Manager

AnalytiX DS Business Glossary Manager is an easy to use web based Data Governance solution that helps organizations in implementing Data Governance initiatives through a collaborative medium. The software contains capabilities to capture business & technical definitions, establish relationships, data stewards and process workflows. A vital component of AnalytiX DS Unified Platform, Business Glossary Manager helps enterprises:

Complete Data Governance

Business Glossary Manager helps apply and drive data governance across the business and organization helping answer key questions around your data.

Data Stewardship

The use of Business Glossary Manager places greater ownership and control on the Data Stewards who maintain and govern data. The Data Stewards are responsible for defining the business terms and all associated KPIs for which they are responsible.

Collaborative Workflow Approval Management

Bringing things together with Business Glossary Manager provides a collaborative workflow approval process for the stakeholders and business users that increases visibility and clearly establishes roles and responsibilities as part of data governance. Users can review and provide dialog over the entire data definition process prior to publishing them to the business.

Capturing Relationships between technical and business entities

Understanding is made easy as Business Glossary Manager helps define the relationships between the business terms and their underlying technical metadata that helps in faster analysis and enhanced decision-making. Business Terms can be associated with other business terms and KPIs and be associated to technical metadata to establish key relationships.

Integrated Search feature

The tool contains global search capabilities that helps users easily search for business terms, definitions, technical metadata, KPIs, Process Areas.

Users can type in a keyword and the system will fetch context specific results. The tool contains the flexibility to perform “Like” or “Exact” text based searches to provide meaningful data to the business.

Generating Traceability

Once relationships are established, the tool can generate enterprise level traceability in the form of mind maps or tabular reports to the business community.


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