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Automate Code-Gen Process with Data Vault Bundles

Transform Your Business with Data Mapping, Governance & Automation Tool

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About Automate Code-Gen Process with Data Vault Bundles

Code automation Templates (CAT’s) are pre-built to automate the code-generation process for rapidly building the Data Vault (Rapid EDW methodology). Code-gen templates and customization services are available for building and loading Stage, HUB, LINK, Satellites and Data Marts. Our Data Vault Code-gen bundles are certified by Dan Linstedt(author and founder ,data vault methodology). All Code-gen templates come packaged with customization services to adapt your unique customer requirements into the re-usable templates.

Code Automation templates are available to generate the following…

  • Data Vault tables structures
  • Data Vault data mappings in Mapping Manager
  • Data Vault ETL Processes
  • Data Vault DBMS Views
  • Data Vault Test cases

Mapping Manager enables governance of the Data Vault and Universal Code-generation for industry standard technology platforms. Each automation CAT comes packaged with “built-in” customizations services which ensures the automation CAT is adaptable to your infrastructure, your internal best practices and coding standards and is guaranteed to function seamlessly within your environment. Each of our Data Vault CATs are certified by Dan Linstedt (the inventor of Data Vault).

The certified solution for Data Vault 2.0 CATs & Automation
The AnalytiX DS Mapping Manager is the certified solution that generates Data Vault jobs and helps Organizations comply with the Data Vault methodologies and in turn deliver valuable ROI. Having direct access to the ADS Product Engineering Team and using the robust CATfX automation framework has helped me build robust DV 2.0 solutions to clients across the globe. The CATfX automation framework offers greater flexiblity and code gen capabilities than anything I have seen to achieve the desired level of Data Vault automation and help in successful implementation of Data Vault methodology.
-- Dan Linstedt, Data Vault Inventor.

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Automate Code-Gen Process with Data Vault Bundles

Core Features of Automate Code-Gen Process with Data Vault Bundles

Data Vault - Code Gen Bundle brings out-of-box features that offer incredible value to any data management organization. Key Features of Data Vault - Code Gen Bundle

  • Automate the code generation for the Data Vault HUB, LINK and Satellites

    Data Vault Code Gen Templates help you automatically generate the Hub ETL code, Link ETL code and the Satellite ETL code through your existing ETL Platforms.

  • Higher-level reuse

    The tool helps automatically create the mappings from the source to the staging layer thereby saving considerable time and effort. Overall, there is a higher level reuse and significant reduction in cost, risk and development effort.

  • Auto-generate the BI Semantic Layers that go on top of the Data Vault automatically

    With the help of Mapping Manager, you can also auto-generate the BI Semantic Layers that go on top of the Data Vault automatically.

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