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LiteSpeed Conversion

Transform Your Business with Data Mapping, Governance & Automation Tool

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About LiteSpeed Conversion

The AnalytiX DS – LiteSpeed Conversion® (ALC) solution runs as Software as a Service (SaaS) and provides an automated framework that automates the conversion of ETL tool platforms. Enable FAST and AUTOMATED conversion between one ETL Platform and another.

The ALC SaaS environments makes the entire ETL conversion process completely automated and transparent with built-in profiling measures, status reports, lineage and impact analysis features which are available in ALC and Mapping Manager.

The ETL XML files from various data integration (DI) ETL sources can be imported into ALC and converted into equivalent formats in the ALC repository which can then be viewed, modified and customized (if needed) and later exported out into any other data integration ETL Platform in the appropriate XML file format. All the legacy ETL tool transformations are automatically converted into “compatible” transformations of the new ETL tool platform.

ALC combines the knowledge of some of the most senior ETL experts in the industry and applies years of conversion and best practices into the ETL/ELT migration and ETL conversion process and combines it into a single software product which is ready to instantly convert your ETL Jobs between platforms. If your ETL jobs are “special” or highly complex and you feel the “Out of the Box” conversion logic may not work well for your “unique scenario” – you will be happy to know that the conversion logic supports unique conversion customizations directly from our ETL experts. No job is too simple or complex for AnalytiX LiteSpeed Conversion.

AnalytiX LiteSpeed Conversion can quickly help re-platform ETL jobs between any of the following ETL platforms;

  • IBM Info Sphere Data Stage 7.5 and greater
  • Informatica 9.0 and greater
  • Microsoft SQL Server SSIS 2008 and greater
  • Talend
  • Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)
  • Pentaho
  • Oracle Warehouse Builder
  • Actian/Pervasive Data Integrator

Automated Profiling and Documentation of the ETL Jobs

LiteSpeed Conversion is tightly integrated with AnalytiX DS flagship product – Mapping Manager. All of the of transformation and conversion logic and artifacts such as source to target column mappings, business rule logic and technical metadata are captured within the Mapping Manager repository throughout the migration process to leave you with well documented artifacts of each converted ETL job, ready to be used for future enhancements, reuse or even viewed within a web browser by a non-technical business analyst to view what the ETL Jobs are doing. ETL processing is no longer a “black-box” for the novice business user!

Product Insight


Because migrating and converting ETL jobs between ETL tools is very complex, costly and time consuming requiring the dedicated skills and expertise of real ETL experts from both tools to be resident and part of the conversion process. All the skills and ETL Conversion logic are already available and packaged with LiteSpeed Conversion (ALC).

Establish consistency and standards across converted ETL Jobs and transformation Logic.

Customizable options – the conversion logic can be customized to apply best practices in naming conventions and logic among other things.

Reduce conversion time by 50-90% (Reduced Time to Market)

Deliver Faster with reductions across:

TIME Reduce time to market by running ALL legacy ETL jobs through ALC and immediately convert the jobs to the new platform. ETL Conversion can be done in minutes – not months

COSTS Reduced costs. Costs are controlled with a low-cost fixed price up fee per converted job. Converting ETL Jobs does not require millions of dollars and lots of high costs ETL experts.

RESOURCES Reduce the number of resources needed to develop conversion logic (Reduce Migration Cost)
Establish alignment with Agile Delivery Methodologies related to Migration Activities

ALC Installation Specifications

  • Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Solaris
  • Supported DBs: SQL Server or Oracle
  • Application Servers: Tomcat, Websphere, Weblogic
  • Note: App can be configured on other servers subject to customization
  • Web browsers: Browser Independent. Runs on all major browsers

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LiteSpeed Conversion

Core Features of LiteSpeed Conversion

LiteSpeed Conversion brings out-of-box features that offer incredible value to any data management organization. Key Features of LiteSpeed Conversion


    Mapping Manager allows you to scan and import all source and target databases in just about any file format (XML, XSD, Excel, Flat Files, etc.), so that you can quickly understand the metadata, and begin to build your ‘Pre-ETL’ source to target data mapping designs using drag and drop features, and reusable business and transformation rules.


    20 to 50% savings on ETL with code-gen templates: Our out of the box code generation will save up to 20% in the process by automatically creating your job layouts –take that number higher with custom templates that take your jobs to 70% complete and beyond.


    Versioning is the one which differentiates between maps. It offers versioning at mapping level and at project level something impossible with spreadsheets.

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