Mapping Manager – Big Data Edition

Mapping Manager – Big Data Edition

Accelerate Big data mapping with proven Enterprise data mapping tools
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About Mapping Manager – Big Data Edition

Mapping Manager Big Data Edition enables organizations to reduce costs & accelerate project delivery by automating the big data mapping process thereby making it faster, more manageable & collaborative while auto-generating ETL jobs for leading ETL tool providers. It’s a highly scalable product that provides the competence and usability to overcome the challenges and procure the benefits of big data for big data mapping and big data conversion. Mapping Manager for Big Data provides a bridge between the structured (from traditional data sources) and unstructured data sources and helps accelerate decision making.

Using the Mapping Manager Big Data Edition, you can manage all operational system metadata including the unstructured data stores e.g. Hadoop (Hive), No SQL databases such as Mongo DB and silos inside and outside the organization as well as manage the business and transformation rules in order to understand how this data is mapped and analyzed to support the corporate decision making process.

Mapping Manager Big Data Edition integrates with Hadoop to auto-generate Pig, Sqoop, Python, Spark, Map Reduce and ETL Jobs from tool vendors to map and move the data. These integration jobs can be customized using our built-in SDK to customize the code-generation to customer specific requirements.

Mapping Manager Big Data helps in harnessing the power of Big Data so that timely insights can be used to augment productivity, maximize profits, lessen the risks and hence reduces the costs by providing verified techniques to handle Big Data.


  • Governance of traditional data stores, Hadoop HDFS, Hives and all the ecosphere database environments on top of Hadoop using our Big Data Code Generators.
  • Deliver faster & better with higher quality deliverables.
  • Manage business definitions and view lineage for inside and out of Hadoop.
  • Reduce project risks and big data management costs
  • Deliver instant business value
  • Global visibility into enterprise projects
  • Improvise performance by adopting Hadoop
  • Focus on standards and process improvements
  • Transform Big Data into useful data
  • Meet regulatory, compliance and process audit
  • Build repeatable processes and solutions
  • Gain Better Control and Management of data glossaries and the data mapping process



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