Reporting Manager

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About Reporting Manager

AnalytiX DS Reporting Manager is a flexible reporting tool for building and publishing reports, charts and dashboards against a wide range of data sources. Using the Reporting Manager, business and technical users of all levels can leverage the powerful reporting engine to create their custom reports and dashboards that help with faster decision-making and helps improve the efficiency of your IT operations.

Flexible & Powerful Reporting

Offers flexible yet powerful reporting solution for both technical and business users.
Users can create custom reports, charts and dashboards based on requirements and save these within the repository for easy access going forward.

These reports can be executed at run time to view updated results.

Enterprise Dashboard

Enterprise Dashboards provide a global view of various status for all enterprise assets and provides a unified look at the health of your project initiatives.

Collaboration, Visibility and Standards

It provides a medium to publish and share reports, charts and dashboard across the user community bringing in greater collaboration and efficiency.

SQL Savvy users can create reusable reports and dashboards and these can be published to the business community for enterprise wide usage i.e. business users can leverage the reports created by other users and periodically execute them.

Integration with other Reporting Tools

This highly customizable module contains an extensible framework that enables seamless integration with third party reporting tools including SQL Reporting Services, Business Objects, Crystal Reports, and more

Auto Report Generation

Comes packed with built in Schedulers that enable automated report generation and immediate email distribution of reports to authorized users.

Comprehensive Pre-Defined Library Repository

Also included is a pre-packaged list of reports that is further extendable to meet the Organization’s needs.

Report executions and audits

Captures a detailed log of all report executions and conforms to all major audit standards.

Key Features

  • Flexible Reporting Capabilities
  • Connectors to leading databases
  • Automated Report Generation and Distribution
  • Enterprise Dashboards
  • Extendable to 3rd Party reporting tools
  • Export Capabilities to PDF, Excel, Word and other formats
  • Effective Report Generation without interrupting other activities
  • Instantaneous Output capability


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