Requirements Manager

Requirements Manager

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About Requirements Manager

AnalytiX DS Requirements Manager is an agile and collaborative part of our Unified Platform solution, that is used to standardize the functional requirements documentation process through a customizable template driven approach. It allows for creation and customization of requirements templates to standardize the capture, trace, and requirements definition process for integration projects. Rich features allow for management of functional requirements and linkage to source-to-target data mappings, test cases, and test results to promote greater transparency and visibility of the requirements process and downstream impacts.

Comprehensive Requirements Management

The AnalytiX DS Requirements Manager increases accuracy in the gathering of requirements and helps create consistent standards around the entire requirements gathering process, without disruption.

This unique approach to requirements provides a comprehensive methodology to manage simple to very complex requirements as a standard process throughout the system development lifecycle. It provides a robust framework for your requirements gathering processes and helps you deliver with higher quality, consistency and visibility.

Requirements Manager offers a centralized Web-based UI that provides the capability to:

  • Capture Requirements
  • Standardized and Define Specification Documents
  • Drive Collaborative Workflow and Approval processes

Key Features

  • Standardize the requirements documentation process using customizable “requirements template” for the requirements capture process
  • Capture various Artifacts/Specifications beyond Requirements (full set documentation, centralized)
  • Link Requirements to Mappings. Test Cases and Test Results – traceability
  • Integrated Workflow & Approval Management Process (Collaborative and Transparent)
  • Dynamic association of KPIs around Requirements (Links to business value)
  • Create and publish reusable enterprise Requirement Specification templates for the business Users to fill the requirements with ease and consistency
  • Integrates with third party SDLC tools
  • Import and Export feature for MS Word and MS Excel Files (Store, share, print)
  • Integrated reporting and Requirement Traceability Matrix

Key Benefits

  • Build Repeatable Requirements Documentation processes based on your best practices
  • Helps capture and standardize rapidly changing requirements for better agility
  • Promotes the reusability and accessibility of Requirements
  • Greater visibility into the requirements management process (no more fuzzy timelines)
  • Enterprise Level Traceability between Requirements, Mappings, Test Cases
  • Meet regulatory, compliance and process audits
  • Fully integrated at the metadata level with the AnalytiX DS Unified Platform, for a more concise, efficient, and collaborative SDLC process


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