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Test Case Manager

Next generation tools for accelerating testing data mappings and TEST SQL

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About Test Case Manager

Test Manager enables Test Cases and Test SQL generation to be managed in a purpose built module for testing data mappings and ETL processes. Automation CATS enable immediate creation of Test Cases and TEST SQL to accelerate the testing of complex integration projects.

  • Create and Manage Test Cases and Test SQL for Data Mappings and ETL Processes
  • Auto-Generate test cases & SQL from data mappings
  • Packaged with 19 customizable test automation cats to accelerate data integration testing timelines
  • Create test cases at the column level of mappings or target tables
  • Integrates with HP ALM (formerly HP Quality Center)

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Test Case Manager

Core Features of Test Case Manager

Test Case Managerbrings out-of-box features that offer incredible value to any data management organization. Key Features of Test Case Manager

  • Easy to use, intuitive web interface

    AnalytiX DS Test Manager is an easy-to-use test management solution that is built to drive and organize your entire testing process. It helps the testing teams by providing an integrated platform to manage your entire test case repository and to enable better communication and collaboration among your testing team and business users.

  • Complete Test Case Management & Automation

    AnalytiX DS Test Manager helps testers manage the testing life cycle process, ensuring full test coverage. It allows testers to define testing requirements at the Mapping and Target Table levels,specify and execute manual or automated tests to validate those requirements.

  • Support for automated testing though CATfX Framework

    Auto Generate Test Cases at the Mapping Level and Target Table Level using the CATfX Framework Automate Execution of Test Cases on mappings and target tables using the CATfX Framework.

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