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Code Automation Services

Select the Service Program and Team Enablement Services according to your requirement from the below list, and submit the form.
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Services programs are structured engagements involving a team of AnalytiX DS certified resources to accelerate delivery of customer engagement projects and deliver fast return on investment.
  • Level : PS1
    LiteSpeed Converion: 180-DAY Autonomy JumpStart Program
  • Level : PS2
    Data Quality Assessment - JumpStart Program
  • Level : PS3
    Automation: Dedicated CAT Developer Program: (Program Block = 180 Day)
  • Level : PS4
    Automation: Big Data / Data Lake Automation Program (Program Block = 90-Day)
  • Level : PS5
    Automation: ETL/ELT Automation & Standardization Program (Program Block = 90 Day)
  • Level : PS6
    Automation JumpStart Program (Program Block = 8 Weeks - 3CATS)
  • Level : PS7
    Automation: Data Vault Automation Program (Program Block = 6 Weeks - DV-CATS)
  • Level : PS8
    Automation Services: PAY-PER CAT Program (Code Automation Template)
  • Level : PS9
    Mapping Manager: Decode the Past Program (Block = 60 Day)
  • Level : PS10
    Mapping Manager:Training Block Program (Block = 40hr)
  • Level : PS11
    Mapping Manager: Mentoring & Quality Assurance Program (Block=40hr)
  • Level : PS12
    Mapping Manager: Legacy Mapping Conversion Program
  • Level : PS13
    Metadata Plug-In Connectors
Team Enablement services are designed to provide organizations with flexible access to trained and certified AnalytiX DS subject matter Experts to augment customer delivery teams and accelerate project delivery for a fast return on investment.
  • Level : ES1
    Blocks Level: 1-3 Weeks
  • Level : ES2
    Blocks Level: 4-8 Weeks
  • Level : ES3
    Blocks Level: 9-16 Weeks
  • Level : ES4
    Blocks Level: 17-21 Weeks
  • Level : ES5
    Blocks Level: 22+ Weeks
  • Level : ES6
    Global Delivery Center - 30Day Block AnalytiX DS Hyderabad, India Office

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