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The ADS Mapping Manager is the only certified solution that generates Data Vault jobs and helps Organizations comply with the Data Vault methodologies and in turn deliver valuable ROI. Having direct access to the ADS Product Engineering Team and using the robust CATfX automation framework has helped me build robust DV solutions to clients across the globe. The CATfX automation framework offers greater flexiblity and code gen capabilities to achieve the desired level of Data Vault automation and help in successful implementation of Data Vault methodology.

Data Vault Automation

Powerful tools to supercharge every stage of your Data Vault.
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About Data Vault Automation

Automatically create the core components of the Data Vault architecture.

AnalytiX Data Services brings integrated automation to the system development life-cycle through Mapping Manager and our signature Dan Linstedt’s “RapidGen DS” code automation templates for Data Vault 2.0. These RapidGen DS templates are optimized because they utilize Dan Linstedt’s techniques and methodology as it was intended. The Data Vault methodology offers an enormous benefit in itself, and when combined with the power of AnalytiX DS, it can accelerate the process even more. Automatically generate the Hub ETL code, Link ETL code and the Satellite ETL code through your existing ETL Platform!

These templates eliminate the need for the business analyst having to define the Data Vault population to the ETL developer, while eliminating the need for the ETL developer having to create the ETL code from scratch. With the metadata captured within the Mapping Manager, we can automatically generate massive amounts of ETL that meet the specifications of Linstedt’s Data Vault specifications.

The Data Vault methodology, by nature, forces you from a loading perspective to gain efficiencies in optimization. Its main premise is to keep it simple and parallelize everything; however each ETL tool handles that in a slightly different way. We’ve built that into Code Automation Templates utilizing the precise properties for the caching mechanisms and the specific properties for handling sequences and loading of the Data Vault following Linstedt’s methodology.

When loading Hubs, each ETL tool has different procedure to be able to handle performance when you’re loading data in scale. Users can make junior mistakes while utilizing Data Vault by trying to utilize concepts they’ve applied in the past and trying to bundle everything together.The Data Vault’s premise is to make sure you tease these components apart. Since the Hubs are not joined to each other except through Links, you can load all the Hubs in parallel. Since Links are not attached directly to each other, you can load all the Links in parallel as well. Since Satellites can be attached only to Hubs and Links, you can also load these in parallel. This methodology is built into the CATs. The templates are designed so that when you’re using them, you’re not coupling multiple components together and you’re gaining the efficiencies of parallelization.

Being very well versed in different technologies, coupled with the strong relationship we have with Dan Linstedt and RapidGen DS, we continue to fine tune the utilization of optimization parameters of the ETL tools such as partitioning and parallelization where those ETL tools have that functionality. We benefit from working with Linstedt in that we have him verifying that the algorithms and processes we use are in line with his doctrine. This is germane to the agile aspect of information management and data warehousing in general.

Not only is the capability within the tool to generate, populate and create the Data Vault artifacts, we also have on our roadmap to addition of the capabilities where you can just point to an existing source system and automatically stage the data, in the Data Vault prescribed best practice way for staging, creating the raw hub links and satellites and building upon that to refine within Mapping Manager.

We’re automatically creating a level of automation when you’re building out the mappings as you are able to automatically create the mappings as well! Overall there is a higher level reuse and of compression with regard to the time it takes to complete the lifecycle. Allowing you to reduce the time to market and gain the business perspective earlier because we can quickly get the source of that information out in front of the customer. This enables your business customer to make business decisions on what we intend to build. While this is truly revolutionary, and inherent in our tool’s capabilities, we are continuing to expand upon this in our roadmap as well. Better and faster with each release.

Often, when thinking of Data Vault, users focus so much just on loading aspect and the ease of use with regard to the ability to get information into the Data Vault, but the Data Vault offers a modular construction that allows for dissemination and presentation constructs that are used when creating the business Data Vaults or business views layer. Mapping Manager allows users to incorporate those additional Information Marts and components of the Data Vault methodology in a much quicker more automated fashion. What we’ve established with our tool is that you’ll also have the metadata for the BI tools that you would typically put on top of the Data Vault for your semantic layer.

The Data Vault is built to enable tools to go after the Information Marts, and with our tool we can also auto-generate the BI Semantic Layers that go on top of the Data Vault automatically. Ultimately, we not only speed up the ETL process, we also speed up the automated BI presentation process giving you the full loop from the source to the end user in an optimized way.


Key Features of Data Vault Automation

Data Vault Integration / Automation

The only software and services program authorized by Dan Linstedt for Data Vault Automation.

Code automation templates for Data Vault

Pre-built templates for Hubs, Links, Satellites and More – All of them personally approved by Dan Linstedt, Creator and Founder of the Data Vault Methodology.

Data Vault implementation/Assessment

Access to Data Vault Masters, Including Dan Linstedt for your Data Vault implementation.

Consulting Services

Experts Trained in the Methodology by the creator and founder of the methodology.


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