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Technology Advisors

AnalytiX DS Board of Directors is made up of talented group of people and leaders in data integration, DW, BI and inventors of the modeling architecture. Through their collective experience, wisdom and vision, the Board of Directors contribute to our technology roadmap.

  • Dan Linstedt, Data Vault Inventor

    Dan Linstedt is founder and principle of Empowered Holdings, LLC – a holding company for, and offers high quality on-line training and consulting services for Data Vault. Dan is the inventor and founder of the Data Vault modeling and methodology. is a software company focused on offering automation solutions. With over 25 years of experience in various roles including partner, co-founder, CTO, director, project manager, Dan offers a unique perspective in building and growing startups. Dan can frequently be found presenting at world-wide conferences. Dan is a serial entrepreneur, and sits on the advisory board of AnalytiX DS, and IRI (CoSort). He can be reached at:, or you can visit his holding company:

  • Antonio Amorin

    Antonio Amorin president at Complete Data Quality has been an IT professional for over twenty years and a successful entrepreneur since 2002, delivering consulting services and partnering with software companies to deliver industry-leading solutions. As an industry expert with data modeling and profiling software, he has been quoted in press releases and industry articles, and has presented at national and international conferences, webcasts, modeling user groups, and DAMA chapter meetings across several states.

  • Reuben Vandeventer

    As co-founder and CEO of Data Clairvoyance, Reuben Vandeventer has been driving progress and helping to shape the data space for more than a decade, across many industries including Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Insurance and Asset Management. Throughout his career, he has served in key strategic leadership roles for some of the top financial services organizations in the world. Mr. Vandeventer has a Bachelors of Science with focus in Microbiology from Indiana University, an MBA from the University of Indianapolis with focus in Finance.

  • University of Arkansas at Little Rock 

    Dr. John R. Talburt is Professor of Information Science Program and heads the Data Quality Program with MIT. He is also the Executive Director of the UALR Laboratory for Advanced Research in Entity Resolution and Information Quality (ERIQ LAB).

  • DXC 

    DXC Technology is the world’s leading independent, end-to-end IT services and solutions company, helping clients harness the power of innovation to thrive on change

  • customer advisory board 

    AnalytiX invites select customers with exceptional standards and best practices in data integration as well as key members of customer integration teams to represent our customer advisory board and contribute to our technology roadmap.

  • Informatica 

    The AnalytiX DS unified platform remains the most downloaded product on the informatica marketplace. AnalytiX DS maintains a close partnership with the informatica platform offering complimenting capabilities and closing gaps in the informatica platform suite that allow customers to accomplish more with their AnalytiX DS and Informatica investments.


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