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Why AnalytiX DS ?

Why AnalytiX DS ?


Our customers choose us over our competitors because we guarantee satisfaction, acceleration, automation and return on investment for all of our automation services, those are good reasons to start! Add to that the fact that we know the field like those working in it, we were born there, we grew up there, and now we are making software that enables those that are in the middle of the action with the best tools, technologies, and services. We understand the pain points, and we build the state-of-the-art solutions, services to make the most of the solutions, and partnerships with our customers, to eliminate them – systematically, automatically, and permanently. Not many companies of any type can say that.

If you want to get things done faster, standardize on a repeatable approach for just about any data integration effort, and work with a company that brings deep expertise to the table to help you solve your problems, then look no further than AnalytiX DS. We come to work every day to make life easier for those doing data integration, to create options for working smarter and with greater efficiency in any environment – from a data warehouse build, to a BIG DATA long term strategy – our tools can get you there… smarter… faster… and with enormous savings.


At AnalytiX DS, our major focus remains on metadata management or metadata scanning and Data Governance tools. Our products such as Mapping Manager can help you get rid of the traditional excel based mapping approach and put an automated process in place. It further helps its users manage (capture and publish) the metadata at an enterprise level. Mapping Manager is 100% metadata driven and is used to define and drive standards across integration projects within an enterprise, enhance data governance, enable data & process audits, improve data quality, streamline downstream workflows, increase productivity (especially over geographically dispersed teams) and give project teams, IT leadership, and management visibility into the ‘real’ status of integration projects across the enterprise.

We will help you go beyond excel based metadata management

If you’ve been looking to save yourself from the frustration that comes with managing the Pre-ETL and Data warehouse staging mappings in excel spreadsheets, then AnalytiX DS can help you do just that and more. Through AnalytiX DS’s Unified Software Platform, growing collection of metadata driven solutions and automation services which business and IT users can use to govern enterprise data, accelerate workflows and time to results.

3 ways we can help you accelerate your data integration efforts

Unified Software Platform

Our Unified Software Platform is completely unique. From Enterprise data mapping and data governance to code automation, Unified Platform Software can deliver everything your organization needs to revolutionize your data management architecture, governance and make all your existing integration tools more visible and effective.


The integration Industry’s first Automation Platform for Data Integration Professionals. CATfX Defines Work Smarter. Save Big. Create, version and publish reusable code automation templates (CATS) to generate code for Big Data, ETL/ELT Tools, Code Parsers, SQL generation or Custom Adaptors and Connectors to anything by Scanning metadata and Generate code for anything using a 100% metadata driven approach to automation.

JumpStart Automation Packages

AnalytiX Data Services offers a variety of Automation and Data Integration Services options for our customers – whether in support of our tools, ETL Conversion Services, or Automation we can do it – from a simple migration project, to a full-scale Data Warehouse Build or Revitalization, we can provide the people, tools, and technologies to get you there ahead of time, and under budget.


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