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AnalytiX Data Services is on the leading edge of Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence, with constant innovation and advanced metadata driven solutions for enterprise data mapping, governance and automation for any industry. We initially set out to give greater efficiency in the pre-ETL data mapping and design phase, and we’ve expanded to bring better visibility and value to the ETL process, Testing Process, Data Governance, and Data Quality at an enterprise level. We are committed to our customer’s success, and we partner to bring fast implementation, detailed custom automation, and future-proof solutions that show ROI in year one.
November 01, 2009
Mapping Manager Version 1.0 Release

Mapping Manager Version 1 brings a wealth of new, exciting out-of-box features including automating Pre-ETL Metadata source to target mapping process, allowing mappings to be created using "drag n drop" techniques while storing mappings in central data mapping repository that enable faster delivery of any integration project.

August 01, 2010
Mapping Manager Version 2.0 Release

Mapping Manager Version 2 comes loaded with new features and capabilities which do not exist in its predecessor. The latest version enables organizations to quickly consolidate metadata using its built-in scanners, manage data dictionaries and automate the STM process. Role Based Security, manage Project Resources and Users, view data lineage across the enterprise and automates Creation of ETL Jobs for major ETL tools.

November 2, 2010
2010- Winner- Informatica; Innovation award

AnalytiX Mapping Manager has been announced as the overall grand prize winner of Informatica’s Marketplace contest. Mapping Manager was selected among 140 other submissions and is the winner in the best complimentary application across five business categories. AnalytiX signs more than 15 customers and resellers following the Informatica World 2010 winner announcement on November 2, 2010.

February 01, 2012
Mapping Manager Version 3.0 Release

AnalytiX DS continues to add significant new features and capabilities including New "Level of Effort" feature to Mapping Manager to improve the overall efficiency of and effectiveness of integration projects while increasing data quality and driving enterprise standards around the mapping specification process.

November 25, 2012
Mapping Manager Version 4.0 Release

Mapping Manager Version 4 comes loaded with new features and capabilities that didn't exist in earlier versions.

December 05, 2012
Most Valued Partner for the Informatica Marketplace in 2012

AnalytiX Data Services announced that it has been recognized as the Most Valued Partner for the Informatica Marketplace in 2012.Selected through the Marketplace Most Valuable Partner Contest, Analytix Data Services additionally is a finalist among 100 Informatica Marketplace partners in the 2012 Informatica Innovation Awards in the Blocks that Enhance Marketplace category.

March 12, 2014
Mapping Manager Version 5.0 Release

With the release of Mapping Manager version 5.0, AnalytiX DS has tried to address a lot of issues in the pre-ETL space that were overlooked until now. The new features such as enhanced code-set mapping, enhanced lineage analysis, Reference Data Management, multiple customizable field options, and a business oriented view of our System Manager module, allowing business user access to Lineage and Impact analysis, Global Meta Data Search, and Enterprise Data Dictionary management make the tool exponentially more valuable!

March 2, 2015
Mapping Manager Version 6.0 Release

AMM 6.0 version release comes with a lot of new features like extended auto-mapping capabilities, integrated management dashboards to better plan, track and manage releases, new mapping and enterprise level mapping process statistics, new metadata scanners for CSV, flat files and JSON files, enhanced lineage analyzer and many more features which enable governance of the mapping process.

April 12, 2016

AnalytiX DS announces expansion of presence in US with the opening of a new branch office in ‪Dallas.

April 29, 2016
Mapping Manager Version 7.0 Release

The month of April also saw the major release of its award winning data mapping tool Version 7. Mapping Manager 7.0 release includes many out-of-box features and significant enhancements, one of most noteworthy feature addition is the inclusion of Collaboration Center that aims to bring everyone on the same page.

September 01, 2017
Unified Platform Version 8.0

AnalytiX DS Unified Platform Version 8.0 tries to address many of the most data governance and data management issues facing organizations seeking to accelerate data integration efforts by adding Business Glossary Module, Reporting Manager Module, Graphical Designer enhancements, CATfX Enhancements, Release Manager Enhancements, and Data Quality Assessment Manager.

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