CATfX Automation Framework and JumpStart Program (Software + Services Bundle)

With demands on IT organizations growing at faster paces and the need to process more data than ever before and faster than ever before every IT management professional needs to address the reality of how to Accomplish more with Less?.

There simply aren’t many viable options available to realistically consider.

Option No 1. work harder, work longer work at a faster pace.

If we are talking about a piece of “machinery” with a reliable power source it is acceptable, but it is unpopular to ask your employees to do so. Those that are willing will end up unhappy and/or divorced and your workhorse rockstars will leave the organization.

Option No. 2 – Innovate.

It professionals need to look at new ways of solving the growing demands and volume of work required by IT departments to keep up with business demands. The old ways of doing things by throwing money and resources at projects needs to change to shorten delivery cycles. Remember the old project management constraint triangle? The principal says you can have two of the but not all three. Which is most important?

So how can you lead IT projects and have all three constraints be important to your project?
Answer: Innovate.

That is exactly what the team at AnalytiX DS are doing with our CATfXAutomation framework and jumpStart program.

Framework and our Automation JumpStart Program. CATfXAutomation defined Working Smarter. Not Harder and allowing you to get the most of out your resources while they maintain a happy work/life balance and maintain their desired marital status.

Code Automation Template Framework (CATfX) is the first automation framework build and designed for data integration professionals to automate manual and time consuming process to save organizations time and money.

  • Automation JumpStart Program Objectives 5 weeks packaged software & services program to Assess your projects goals, objectives, deliverables and timelines and look for automation opportunities to reduces costs and time while increasing quality and standards surrounding the project.
  • Automation Assessment & Discovery

the program leverages the AnalytiX DS – Code Automation Template Framework (CATfX) automation technology. CATfX is the first automation framework build and designed for data integration professionals to automate manual and time consuming process to save organizations time and money. The first two weeks are executed with an Automation SWAT team of highly skilled automation engineers who will assess your project/organization for automation opportunities build a roadmap around those with the largest ROI. Typical automation focus areas include:

  • ETL / ELT automation and standardization. CATfX can generate ETL jobs for all leading ETL Tools (informatica, ibm datastage, talend, oracle data integrator, MS SQL SERVER / SSIS, SAP DS, Pentaho and more
  • Big Data Automation – Generate Pig, Python, Scoop, Map reduce Jobs or integrate etc
  • Test Case and Test SQL automation
  • Re-usable connectors and adaptors to scan obscure metadata into metadata management repositories such as IBM Metadata Workbench, Informatica metadata manager, Data Advantage Group and more
  • configure re-usable connectors to cloud application and enable mapping and etl automation from cloud packages such as Oracle CRM, Peoplesoft, SAP, SalesForce and more
  • Automate, package and publish developers scripts resident on workstations and laptops but packages and usable by other knowledge works.
  • much more..
Program Overview Details
  • 5 weeks program with bundled CATfX automation software
  • (3) re-usable Code Automation templates to automate manual process
  • Prioritized roadmap for future automation CATs designed to save time and money while increasing quality
  • Guaranteed Results or no-costs for the program
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