Data Professionals… Are we really being responsible? Can we call ourselves “Cutting Edge”?

As a data management professional, your job, and all that you are hired to do, is to make sure that this company is using the best of available technologies to manage our data, and produce information from that data in the most efficient ways possible. This is especially true for Enterprise Architects, VP level and C-level positions in the organization. Ultimately, it is each of us at all levels that make or influence the decisions, drive the use of tools and process, and ensure that we are spending our company’s funds in a way that creates ROI and business value. Good corporate citizenship that ensures our future.

In spite of this responsibility and our collective genius, we still find ourselves as an industry doing our data design in Excel spreadsheets. If you were not aware, Excel is a finance and budgeting tool created in 1985 for accounting. Using these spreadsheets to feed our multi-million dollar enterprise systems is irresponsible and wasteful. There is no automation, no version control, and managing these is very cumbersome and time consuming. Add to that the fact that automation and reuse options are limited using this alternative, and our resources spend a great deal of our project budget cutting and pasting, storing and filing, when they could be saving 70% of this time if you had done the research and found a state-of-the-art alternative. Again, this is OUR INDUSTRY and our primary work purpose – we are here as stewards of the data, supporting our business constituents, guiding them to the best solutions, and providing oversight to ensure our joint success for the good of the business.

Would you drive a Ferrari and start it with a screwdriver when you know that there are best-in-class ignition switches available? Of course you wouldn’t. So when you think about the heavy investment in Modeling tools, ETL Tools, Appliances and other parts of the architecture, think also about the fact that you are ‘starting it with a screw driver’ if you are using Excel spreadsheets for your design phase. We have to ask ourselves if we are doing our jobs in the best way possible. Are we leaving enough time in your day to fulfill our most important obligation? Are we truly using the best in collaborative data management tools? If you have Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets in the center of your data warehousing and business intelligence projects, it is time to do right… call AnalytiX Data Services (and see the website:

You will find that this solution can save 50 to 70% in the design phase, automate scanning and organization of metadata, build data mappings that will auto-generate packages for your ETL tool(s), saving additional time in the ETL layer – getting the most from that ETL tool you’ve invested in. In addition, you will also be enabling your team to build custom automation code with their integrated code-generation module, CATfX. This is what cutting-edge, state-of-the-art looks like.

The next time you walk into a shareholder meeting, the Director’s office or are sharing war stories with friends and they ask “what are we doing to stay ahead of the competition and make better use of data assets in your organization”, you will have your answer. Welcome to modern, automated Information Technology… Welcome to AnalytiX Data Services.

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