Fast and Accurate Integration is Key to the success of any Organization

Business challenge –

While engaging data integration professionals across a wide range of industries globally, we are learning that most are struggling to make the connection between data flowing across different operational systems in a way that creates fast and repeatable value. This struggle creates a huge impact to the business, and any sort of change management, robbing them of a competitive advantage.

Reasons –

With hundreds of tools, processes, technology vendors, and system integrator’s all working to bring collaboration,transparency and data visualization – the bar is continually raised with larger volumes of data, disparate data types, and constant source and target updates – all happening at a variety of intervals from ‘real time’ to annually!

Solution –

AnalytiX Data Services has a viable solution to bring order from the chaos. Mapping Manager is a purpose-built enterprise solution to bringing broader range metadata collection, agile design, and automated code generation that allows companies to get in front of the wave. This state-of-the-art design and automation platform helps companies connect a broad range of the third party integration tools and applications, ERP systems, BI and ETL layers, as well as conversion of legacy data, and source to target data mappings across different operations systems into a centralized GUI platform. Greater collaboration through the web-based interface, and easily generated reports like, end to end lineage, impact analysis and truncation alerts… all out of the box!

ROI benefits –
  • Manage risks, reduce cycle time, and increase visibility & collaboration
  • Accelerate Customer Delivery and Accuracy
  • Programmatic Excellence – instant standards and jump-start for data governance programs
  • Improve Data Quality, visibility, and ultimately Confidence!

Deploying a strategic, centralized solution like Mapping Manager regardless of your methodology and best practices will bring near-immediate and measurable ROI to your current data integration efforts. For more information, contact:

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