ADS OnPremise Metadata Scanner – Datasheet


For the cloud users of the AnalytiX DS EPICENTER, AnalytiX DS offers a metadata scanning utility that allows you to scan metadata from your organizational databases and then synchronize this metadata with the cloud instance of the Mapping Manager platform.

Why Use the On-Premise Metadata Scanner?

When the AnalytiX DS EPICENTER is not deployed on premise and a cloud instance is being used, scanning the metadata from the organizational databases requires the specific database ports to be accessible to the cloud instance (which is outside the organization’s firewalls). Chances are, in most organizations, internal databases are not accessible outside the organization’s firewalls for various security reasons. This acts as a major roadblock for project teams that need the metadata scanned from their internal databases. In order to overcome this roadblock, AnalytiX DS has introduced an on premise metadata scanning agent to help customers on cloud scan the metadata on premise within the organizational firewalls and then sync this metadata with the cloud system.

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