AnalytiX DS LiteSpeed Conversion Slicksheet

The AnalytiX DS – LiteSpeed Conversion (ALC) solution runs as Software as a Service (SaaS) and provides an automated framework that automates the conversion of ETL tool platforms. Enable FAST and AUTOMATED conversion between one ETL Platform and another. The ALC SaaS environments makes the entire conversion process completely automated and transparent with built in profiling measures, status reports, lineage and impact analysis features which are available in ALC and AnalytiX Mapping Manager (AMM).


  • Build a legacy ETL tool template to automatically analyze ETL jobs and import into Mapping
    Manager as source-to-target mapping specs.
  • Define Job Design best practices and Auto Generate XML templates based on the XML Integration Library.
  • Version the mapping specification to preserve the original state of the converted job.


  • Reliable and automated process for ETL conversion
  • Streamline conversion between ETL vendors
  • Reuse and leverage industry job design best practices
  • Reduce development costs
  • Reduce the number of high priced high skilled resources to analyze legacy ETL tool jobs and manually create jobs for target ETL tool
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