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Spending all your time on manual and routine integration tasks. If so, it can seem impossible to find the time you need to plan for other integration activities instead of chasing project status.

In this datasheet, you will see what a Code Automation Templates Framework means for your business and how it can help you automate manual processes and perform integration tasks. We’ll see in this datasheet key benefits including speeding up manual processes, significant savings including time, cost and money.

AnalytiX DS delivers an automation framework designed for developers and analysts to automate manual coding tasks, ETL integration tasks and a lot more.

In this datasheet, you’ll learn how leveraging the FREE CAT’s and creating new CAT’s will guarantee accelerated delivery timelines of your projects.

Tags : Automation Solutions Code Automation Template Code Automation Templates Warehouse automation tools  (DWA) Automation on ETL Mapping Governance
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