Business Glossary – Datasheet

AnalytiX DS Business Glossary Manager is an easy to use web based Data Governance solution that helps organizations in implementing Data Governance initiatives through a collaborative medium. The software contains capabilities to capture business & technical definitions, establish relationships, data stewards and process workflows.

Key Features

  • Success Driven Data Governance Approach
  • Capture Business Terms and all associated artifacts
  • Deliver instant business value
  • Associate Business Terms to Technical Metadata and other KPIs


  • Web based collaborative platform
  • Bring in greater control and visibility for all major stakeholders and the business though an
    integrated workflow process
  • Establish relationships between business terms and technical metadata
  • Manage your data stewardship by bring in greater control and ownership for Data Stewards
  • Assign Roles and Responsibilities
  • Helps build a robust Data Governance model through integration between business terms,
    other business terms, technical metadata and other KPIs
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