CDMA Migration DataSheet

While storing and managing code sets and data cross-reference mappings are necessary, they are hardly sufficient to a healthcare entity.

At AnalytiX Data Services we believe it is imperative to centrally manage all codes and provide them to other objects (outside of traditional data mappings) that are used by a variety of downstream applications, processes and user-support systems.

Migration from CDMA to AnalytiX Mapping Manager

Migration from Hewlett-Packard’s Code Data Mapping Application (CDMA) to AnalytiX Mapping Manager Code Set Manager (CSM) is an automated process that allows for the typical Business Analyst the ability to simply move one set of code defined in CDMA in one side to the AnalytiX CSM on another while preserving domains, enterprise code set values and mappings, code hierarchies, definitions and translation rules.

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