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The Code Automation Templates Framework (CATfX) is an automation framework designed for Developers and Analysts to automate manual processes and save your projects significant time, cost and money.

CATfX is an automation framework and a developer productivity tool that uses a set of APIs and Web services to build reusable code in the form of Code Automation Templates (CATs) to speed up manual processes and save your Organization considerable time, cost and money. This “build once, publish and deploy” productivity tool helps automate manual coding tasks, ETL Integrations Jobs/Patterns, Data profiling tasks, QA/Testing tasks, SQL/DDL generation and a lot more.Universal Code Generation and Reusability make it flexible and futureproof”


  • Enterprise Code management. All automation templates reside in a governed repository.
  • IP Protection.
  • Deliver greater quality code and minimize rework.
  • Business-friendly Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
Tags : Automation of ETL Code Generating Tool ETL Code Automation Tools ELT Code Automation API based ETL Automation Impact Analysis on ETL
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