AnalytiX DS ETL Complexity Assessment – Datasheet

Migrating from one ETL tool to another presents significant challenges to an IT organization. The success of the migration process largely depends on how the team plans for and approaches the project. This program is designed to help organizations answer questions like: what is the level of complexity, time, costs and expected ROI from a conversion.

Organizations typically rely on 100% manual conversion that consumes significant time and labor costs when migrating from their legacy ETL tool to another platform.

AnalytiX DS provides a software driven Automated Complexity Assessment of the ETL mappings to be converted allowing organizations to become aware of the ETL Mapping complexities without all the manual effort. Because the assessment is “software driven” it is accurate, consistent, repeatable, and fast and can be run across all Application areas and tell jobs or a ‘subset” of jobs. This assessment is extremely useful for ETL conversion project teams to gain awareness of the ETL inventory complexities, costs and risks associated with large scale conversions.

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