Mapping Manager for Big Data – Datasheet

As the Big Data approach continues to grow, so does the need for quality and governance. Organizations continue to invest heavily into big data initiatives to help keep their data secure and improving the information quality that helps in accurate, timely decision-making.

The AnalytiX DS Mapping Manager for Big Data® provides the competence and usability to overcome the challenges in seeing the real benefits of big data –with better precision. It provides a bridge between the structured (traditional data sources) and unstructured data sources and helps accelerate the process of turning Data into Information.


  • Deliver faster & better with higher quality deliverables
  • Reduce project risks and big data management costs
  • Deliver instant business value
  • Global visibility into enterprise projects
  • Improvise performance by adopting Hadoop
  • Focus on standards and process improvements
  • Transform Big Data into useful data
  • Meet regulatory, compliance and process audit
  • Build repeatable processes and solutions
  • Gain Better Control and Management of data glossaries and the data mapping process
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