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What is the CATfX Marketplace?
What types of automation is available in CATfX ?
What is CATfX?
Are Code-generation templates available for Data Vault agile data warehouse methodology?
What are the best practices to define complex business rules in Mapping Manager?
Can Mapping Manager Connect with Third Party Tools to Scan Metadata?
What are the best practices to define complex business rules in mapping manager?
Can the product generate ETL Jobs based on Type1, Type2, Type3 etc or Customer specific templates?
Does mapping manager validate if the syntax of a particular business rule is correct while generating the ETL job?
What are the ETL components that are generated during the forward Engineering Process?
What level of Reverse Engineering is offered by the product?
What level of forward engineering is offered by the product?
What other ETL tools are on the product roadmap?
What ETL Tools are Supported by Mapping Manager?
Can the tool support complex business rules?
Can unstructured metadata be imported into Mapping Manager?
How are changes to metadata captured in the tool?
Can Mapping Manager generate lineage reports?
Can Mapping Manager integrate with Data Modelling Tools?
Can Mapping Manager perform Data Modelling?
Can Mapping Manager be integrated with BI reporting tools like Cognos and Microstrategy??
Is Mapping Manager an ETL tool?
How simple is it to install the software?
What browsers does Mapping Manager run on?
What Web Servers can Mapping Manager be installed on?
What Databases Can Mapping Manager Be Deployed On
What Operating Systems can Mapping Manager be deployed on?
What Operating Systems What are the prerequisites to install the software?
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