Data Mapping, Governance and Automation Tool for
Banking Industry

Minimize risk, ensure compliance and realize ROI

Bringing visibility, governance and reliability to enterprise data with Enterprise data mapping and automation platform

Today’s banks find themselves under immense pressure thanks to increased compliance, growing business risk, emerging distribution channels to name a few. One thing that all of the functions mentioned above have in common, they are closely tied to data accuracy. Data quality is only as good as the data entered. The secret of a successful banking lies the ability to implement change quickly and successfully. The current legacy systems often stand in the way to meet current and future business objectives. There is an increasing need for them to respond quickly and accurately with the right tools to support and perform the data governance needed to meet industry standards. The ability to address requirements and adapt to change quickly should be an integral part of any solution.

Key Benefits

Automates Pre-ETL Metadata source to target mapping process
Mapping Manager helped standardize the data mapping process (Mappings, Metadata, Consistent use of transform rules).
Satisfies audit and compliance checks
Increased efficiency through repeatable CAT automation that represents a clear and quantifiable return on in-vestment from day one.
Automates the conversion process
View end-to-end data lineage across the enterprise (forward, reverse and dual) and various other reports such as Gap, Validation, Truncation and many more.

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