Data Mapping, Governance and Automation Tool for
Consumer Goods Industry

Learn how AnalytiX DS’s solving Data Integration industry’s major pain areas.

Big data is changing the rules of the game in consumer goods industry. Traditional enterprise data warehouse, for years, has been the mainstay of BI solutions for consumer goods industry. But the current growth of data in volume, variety and velocity has reached a point where Traditional enterprise data warehouses can no longer handle the challenge of big data. Meaning that growing data volumes are stressing data warehouses beyond their capacity.

Key Benefits

Improves visibility into the data mapping process
Mapping Manager helped standardize the data mapping process (Mappings, Metadata, Consistent use of transform rules).
Centralized Mapping Management
Increased efficiency through repeatable CAT automation that represents a clear and quantifiable return on in-vestment from day one.
Enterprise wide, web-based system
View end-to-end data lineage across the enterprise (forward, reverse and dual) and various other reports such as Gap, Validation, Truncation and many more.

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