AnalytiX Data Services Announces Launch of CATfx, a Code Automation Template Framework

AnalytiX Data Services, also known as AnalytiX DS today announced the release of their next generation custom automation framework named as “CATfx”. This tool has got capabilities like automating and standardizing ETL jobs, automate creation of DDL, automate creation of test cases and test SQL, etc. CATfX Automation Framework simplifies and accelerates delivery. This tool will be available for free trial on AnalytiX DS’ website.

“Created by Experts—Published for the masses. CATfX uses Code Automation Templates (CATs) to abstract away the low-level complexity of common or routine integration tasks. This means any novice or subject matter expert can quickly and easily generate comprehensive code measured in minutes – NOT Days, Weeks and Months! Because the CATS are designed and developed by your senior experts they are guaranteed to be in compliance with your published best practices and design standards, whether it’s DDL, ETL, Test or Big Data integration. Now even your junior level resources can become as productive as your most senior level resources”, said Mike Boggs, co-founder and CTO, AnalytiX DS.

Robert Scott, Vice President – Services at AnalytiX DS at AnalytiX DS on this occasion said, “CATfx shortens the time to develop even your most complex tasks from months to minutes. This means you save a lot of cost and resources, and utilize them in some other productive tasks. Further, the “Re-usability” feature of CATfx plays key role when you need to develop integration codes time and again resulting into consistent and faster delivery time.”

CATfx will compliment AnalytiX DS’ current product portfolio in many ways. The CATfX enables developers to leverage the SDK scripting languages and AnalytiX DS’ published libraries to create Code Automation Templates (CATs) which serve as blueprints to automate common and routine tasks such as generate DDL, ETL Jobs, Test SQL and much more to accelerate delivery. Leveraging the free CATs and creating new CATs will guarantee accelerated delivery timelines of your projects.

About AnalytiX Data Services:

AnalytiX Data Services is an international software and technology services company offering services in support of our software solution. Headquartered in Chantilly, VA – AnalytiX DS specializes in the development of ‘agile tools’ for the data integration industry which automate manual processes and enable organizations to accelerate delivery and operate more efficiently while lowering costs of delivery. AnalytiX DS has two innovative technology breakthrough software solutions:

Mapping Manager®, which scans metadata and enables automated drag n drop, building and versioning of the pre-ETL source to target mapping process and automated code-generation which automates the ETL process and integrates with Leading ETL tool providers like Informatica PowerCenter, IBM DataStage, Talend Data Integrator, Microsoft SSIS, Oracle Data Integrator and others.

LiteSpeed Conversion®, a leading software technology platform which operates in the cloud as a Software as a Services (SaaS) instantly allowing customers to convert from one ETL tool platform to another savings customers years of manual work and millions of dollars to manually convert ETL jobs between ETL platforms.

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