AnalytiX Data Services announces release of the Mapping Manager ver 4.4

AnalytiX Data Services, a pioneering Data Integration and Data Services provider headquartered in Chantilly, VA, announced the release of the new version of its innovative award – winning Mapping Manager Solution

Chantilly,Virginia (PRLOG) April 18, 2013, AnalytiX Data Services unveiled version 4.4 of its metadata driven “
“Source to Target” data mapping solution – the Mapping Manager Solution.

The version 4.4 release of the Mapping Manager introduces several new features including an enhanced user interface and several customizable options for data mappings. The “key” new features introduced are:

  • Enhanced Erwin/Embarcadero Metadata Scanning Capabilities
  • Enhanced Lineage Analyzer with Export Options
  • Import of Legacy Mappings using Analytix Excel template
  • Extension to Informatica Powercenter and IBM DataStage Forward and Reverse Engineering capabilities (agnostic auto-generation of ETL Jobs across leading ETL Tool Providers)
  • Customization of User security Roles
  • AutoSync Mappings with changes to Metadata

These new features have further enhanced the Mapping Manager’s already impressive repertoire of features which currently includes an customizable ETL Integration Library of Mapping Manager Add-ons, an ETL Conversion tool, ETL Codeset Manager and a Reference Manager. According to AnalytiX DS, VP of Sales, Sam Benedict ‘The Mapping Manager takes the chaos out of managing the source-to-target process. With robust capabilities right out-of-the-box, end users save time on their projects by accelerating the delivery of mappings, accelerating custom ETL Generation with customizable code generation templates, and manage everything in between through the workflow and resource management functions. With a very easy to set up and configure application, Companies can have the operation running smoothly in about a week.’

The patent pending Mapping Manager solution also automates the currently manual data mapping process by allowing business and data analysts to create mapping using drag n-and- drop techniques, organizing data mappings into project folder categories and consolidating mappings into a versioned data mapping repository which manages and tracks the data mappings through the workflow process. The (“patent pending)” versioning capability tracks all versions of the data mappings while integrating agnostically with ETL and ELT tool providers like Informatica, IBM DataStage, Microsoft SQL Server, SAP, Oracle DI and others to auto-generate ETL Jobs for the industry leading ETL/ELT tool providers.

AnalytiX has been the recipient of 3 Informatica awards over the past 3 years including two innovation awards and the most valuable partner award. It has been described by noted Bloor Analyst, David Norris as “the missing link” in DI Projects. Earlier this year, at the TDWI Conference in Las Vegas, Analytix received a great deal of attention and the uniqueness of the product was acknowledged by attendees. Analytix also plans to target the Australian market this year by being part of the MDM and Data Governance summit in Sydney and Melbourne.”

Since launching the Mapping Manager in 2008 AnalytiX’s success has rapidly grown from a handful of customers to over 700+ customers worldwide with customers and resellers on every continent globally. System integrators globally have started to standardize the data mapping process of integration projects on the Mapping Manager. The AnalytiX business model is to develop complimentary capabilities and solutions for the data integration industry which have been overlooked and ignored by larger software companies and build solutions and capabilities which compliment larger data integration tools surrounding, ETL/ELT, metadata management, master data management and Configuration and Planning tools.

Source: prlog

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