AnalytiX Data Services Announces Release of Version 4.0 for Mapping Manager

At the Informatica World 2012 Conference in Las Vegas, AnalytiX unveiled Version 4 of it’s metadata-driven source-to-target mapping solution – the Mapping Manager. The patent pending Mapping Manager solution automates the currently manual data mapping process by allowing business and data analysts to create mappings using drag-and-drop techniques, organizing data mappings into project folder categories, and consolidating mappings into a versioned data mapping repository which manages and tracks the data mappings through the workflow process. The “patent pending” versioning capability tracks all versions of the data mappings while integrating agnostically with ETL and ELT tool providers like Informatica, IBM DataStage and Microsoft SQL Server to auto-generate ETL Jobs for the industry-leading tool providers.

The Version 4 release of the Mapping Manager introduced a new web-based architecture and a modern user interface along with other added new capabilities to make the mapping process faster and more manageable. AnalytiX’s founder and CTO, Mike Boggs, announced that AnalytiX has yet again broken new ground in the data integration industry. “In 2008 we launched the world’s first enterprise solution that solves the Pre-ETL source-to-target mapping (STM) problem. Now in 2012 with our ETL Integration Library (Mapping Manager Add-On) and deeper integration with ETL tools, we are pleased to introduce the world’s first ETL Conversion Tool. Our ETL integration Library will now allow organizations to not only standardize the mapping process and accelerate delivery of the source-to-target mapping process, we can now accelerate the ETL /ELT and ensure a faster delivery of the ETL phase and a higher quality of deliverables surrounding ETL Tools”.

When Scott Geffre, Senior Director, Informatica Marketplace and Cloud Services, asked about new products and services to be introduced in 2012, Mike Boggs replied “We have an excellent product development team and plan in 2012 to introduce new products and solutions with our system integrator partners –these products and solutions will be found on the marketplace in months to come.”

Since launching the Mapping Manager in 2009 AnalytiX’s success has rapidly grown from a handful of customers to over 500 customers and resellers located on every continent. System integrators globally have started to standardize their data mapping process of integration projects using the Mapping Manager. The AnalytiX business model is to develop complementary capabilities and solutions for the data integration industry which have been overlooked and ignored by larger software companies and build solutions and capabilities which complement larger data integration tools surrounding ETL/ELT, metadata management, master data management and configuration and planning tools.

Source: prlog

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