AnalytiX DS Announces Launch of Mapping Manager Version 8.0

Chantilly, VA. Jan 6th, 2017: AnalytiX DS, the world leader in Data Mapping and Metadata Driven Automation, announced the latest version of their Unified Software Platform Version 8.0 for data governance, mapping design, and automation.

The Game-Changing Premium Platform for
Enterprise Data Mapping, Governance & Code Automation

The AnalytiX DS Unified Platform Version 8.0 will provide greater governance and visibility across the enterprise, increased efficiency, and automation of manual processes to seamlessly govern and accelerate the delivery of all integration work throughout the Enterprise Data Life-cycle Management (EDLM) process.


“Our innovation team has been aggressively continuing our tradition of innovating new components and features to strengthen our platform in the areas of Governance and Automation.. The new version 8 of the AnalytiX DS Unified Platform comes power packed with new enterprise-wide Governance capabilities which far exceed those of Competitors such as Collibra and others. Our new Governance modules include a rich media enterprise class Business Glossary component, Enhancements to our Data Quality Assessment Manager (DQAM) to govern data quality scores, a new Sensitive Data Discovery (SDD) component which will scan, detect and govern sensitive and protected data, a Requirements Management component which governs full traceability of requirements, mappings and test cases and results. The unified platform offers feature rich components that help the business community manage their enterprise data glossaries and definitions, while enabling greater command and visibility of trusted data to business users and data integration professionals who need it. 

Michael Boggs, CTO and Founder of AnalytiX DS


Large organizations are facing many challenges ranging from mergers and acquisitions, industry regulations, changing technology platforms and require new innovative tools adapt, govern and accelerate delivery. Our tools aim to fill this global need with a single unified platform dedicated to Enterprise Data Management (EDM). Our Platform helps organizations to meet increasingly stringent governance and compliance requirements. All organizations need a strong central foundation for data governance, data quality and data stewardship. The addition of the AnalytiX DS Governance components like the Business Glossary component, enables organizations to improve their understanding of business vocabulary and make it available across all business users of the organization with built in collaboration features to “engage” the business community. The unified platform also helps organization meet and comply with industry regulations such as financial services BCBS 239, Basel I and Basel II, SOX and healthcare compliance in USA such as HIPPA and govern sensitive data such as protected health Information (PHI) and sensitive personal Information (SPI).

With the launch of the Business Glossary, AnalytiX DS has expanded the reach and impact of Unified Platform by providing an easy to use enterprise-wide web based Data Governance solution that helps organizations to implement lasting Data Governance initiatives through an innovative and collaborative unified platform.


The AnalytiX DS Business Glossary, combined with all of the elements of our Unified Platform fills a gap in the industry that has not been met by the leading Data Governance tools – our clients are looking to replace these archaic solutions with innovative products that reach and satisfy a broader need in the Data Governance space. ~

Sam Benedict, VP Sales & Marketing


The latest version of Unified Platform also introduces Requirements Manager – yet another game-changing innovation, that helps enterprises standardize the Functional and Business requirements documentation process – centralizing and connecting it to the other key components of the lifecycle. Using a customizable template driven approach, the centralized web-based interface helps capture and standardize rapidly changing requirements for better agility and full requirements traceability. The Requirements Manager creates best-in-class traceability to meet regulatory, compliance, and process audits.


Michael Boggs, the CTO Says:  “Through the addition of Requirements Manager, we have raised the bar and offered the capabilities to capture requirements, standardized and define mappings specification documents and drive collaborative workflow and approval processes while being able to generate an enterprise wide traceability matrix between the Requirements, Source-To-Target Mappings and Test Cases which are the key areas of the Integration process. Each of the components of our unified platform extend and build upon one another to deliver the industry best platform for managing, governing and automating processes across the Enterprise Data Management Life-Cycle Process.”


Our Metadata Manager (formerly System Manager), has been expanded to scan metadata and govern Hadoop and the Hadoop ecosphere and is the foundation for our continuously growing Unified Platform and Governance Solution. The Metadata Manager provides best-in-class, broader metadata scanning capabilities than any product on the market – which aligns with our initial vision of a true metadata driven approach to enterprise data mapping and automation. Our global community of automation developers continuously enrich and contribute to the metadata scanning and governance capabilities using our Code Automation Template Framework (CATfX) platform for automation.

Unified Platform Version 8.0 offers very distinct and valuable features that make it the clear choice for both data integration teams and data governance programs.

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