AnalytiX DS Sponsors Enterprise Data World Conference 2015 in Washington DC

March 17, 2015, Chantilly, VA: AnalytiX DS, a leading vendor in pre-ETL and ETL Mapping and Conversion space, announced today that it is sponsoring this year’s Enterprise Data World conference that is scheduled from March 29 to April 3, 2015 in Washington D.C. During this conference, AnalytiX DS will showcase its recently launched Mapping Manager version 6.0 to attendees. They will also offer a free licensed user copy of the software to all interested.

“This is our first year at Enterprise Data World. We have heard a lot about this event from our colleagues within the industry”, said Mike Boggs, Chief Technology Officer, AnalytiX DS. He added,”This is one unique platform for all industry professionals who manage data within their organizations and are looking to make the most of what the latest technologies and methodologies have to offer. Seeing the best in breed tools and making connections with leading edge data professionals is what this is about our company focuses on tools and automation as the next wave of Data Warehousing and BI Efficiency. As budgets continue to get cut, leaders in the industry need automation to maintain and continue building business value at a lower cost, with quantifiable ROI.”

On being asked about what’s new in Mapping Manager v6.0 and how does it add value to this conference, Mike says ” Mapping Manager is in a class by itself within the data integration industry. There are no other tools that offer the depth and combination of “Pre-ETL Mapping”, Meta Data Management, Data Vault Automation, and Code Automation for all aspects of the SDLC. Our latest version of Mapping Manager v6.0, allows users to automatically map there source and target columns, view direct and indirect impacts across all layers for the selected entity, generate and view lineage at the table/column -level, contains enhanced meta data scanners to connect and scan meta data from your Big Data Systems like Hadoop, Mongo DB, Cloudera and HortonWorks, etc. I’m sure, getting a first-hand feel of this tool will be a very unique experience for the audience in this conference we look forward to being a part of it!”

It is to be noted that this will be the 19th annual Enterprise Data World (EDW) Conference and it is recognized as the most comprehensive educational conference on data management in the world. Professionals from across the globe participate in this conference and that’s what makes this conference such a grand event.

Src: NewsWire Today

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