AnalytiX LiteSpeed Conversion Now on the Informatica Marketplace

AnalytiX DS, a pioneer in pre-ETL source-to-target data mapping automation, automated code-gen templates, and ETL platform conversion tools, announced today that its product LiteSpeed Conversion will now be available on the Informatica Marketplace.

AnalytiX DS, today announced that it has now listed its new product LiteSpeed Conversion on the Informatica Marketplace, an open ecosystem for data integration. The Informatica Marketplace brings together buyers and sellers from around the globe to purchase and promote data integration, data quality, data management and cloud data integration solutions.

Scott Geffre, vice president, Cloud Business Operations and Marketplace, Informatica, said, “AnalytiX DS is a prime example of the many successful and innovative partners on the Informatica Marketplace. We are excited that their pioneering ETL conversion software is now available on the Informatica Marketplace, giving Informatica customers a fast and automated way to quickly convert ETL jobs from other tools, enabling standardization on the Informatica Platform.”

Mike Boggs, co-founder and chief technology officer at AnalytiX DS, said, “We’ve had a longstanding relationship with Informatica, and our flagship product ‘Mapping Manager,’ along with other products, is listed on the Informatica Marketplace. We have seen a great response from that venue and true bi-directional partnership from the team responsible for the marketplace, as well. When we introduced our new product AnalytiX LiteSpeed Conversion at the Informatica Sales Kick-Off, we knew we had a unique offering that would enable growth for Informatica and ease-of-conversion for all of its prospective clients. Traditional hand-coded conversions are costly and time consuming. We reduce that highly manual process to about 1/3 of the time and cost through proprietary automation. Given that this product is such a great benefit to Informatica, and its prospective clients, it was a natural fit for the Informatica Marketplace. Where better to reach those in need and showcase this innovation?”

AnalytiX DS has been driving innovation in the “pre-ETL” space to address the challenges that are the result of manual source-to-target data mapping. Traditional means, such as excel spreadsheets, are cumbersome, difficult to standardize and lack version control, and they just don’t scale well. All of this can be made more efficient through the use of our purpose-built mapping repository, while giving customers the power of metadata management, and automated code-generation into Informatica.

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