AnalytiX Data Services announces the launch of Mapping Manager version 6.2

AnalytiX Data Services announced that they have released the latest version of their award winning data mapping tool,Mapping Manager ver6.2. This release comes with some of the great additions. One of the most noticeable change is the addition of two new modules Data Quality Assessment Module and Test Manager Module. Mapping Manager’s 6.2Ver, comes loaded with a host of new features. The “key” new features are Drill Down on Mapping Statistics to view detailed information, New Metadata scanner for XMI models, Mass Update of Mapping Status, Enhanced Resource Activity report and many more. The introduction of two new modules and the enhanced features add to its already impressive array of features and functionalities. Mapping Manager is packed with key capabilities and the newly added capabilities will not only make mapping process faster and better but also offers an unprecedented level of customization. Mapping Manager ver6.2 offers a unified platform for enterprise data mapping, governance framework and automation. Mapping Manager is predominantly a market leader in data mapping space and gained a strong foot hold in data integration industry.

According to AnalytiX DS, co-founder and chief technology officer, Mike Boggs, “back in 2006 when we set out to solve data integration industry’s major pain point, we ventured into the niche space of source to target data mapping which no one has ever thought about. This is how we launched the world’s first enterprise solution that solves the Pre-ETL source-to-target mapping problem and aims to eliminate project delays due to long cycles in mapping and design phase of integration projects. And there’s been no looking back ever since then. Not only small and mid-size organizations, even most of our fortune 1000 clients are extremely happy with the tool’s performance and the cost we have saved for them by automating the cumbersome legacy data mapping process. Being flexible is the way to win this market and we are known to make enhancements at no cost to get the customer what they need.”

On been questioned about what new features does Mapping Manager ver6.2 offers over its predecessors, Mike replied “Mapping Manager 6.2Ver released with a lot of enhanced functionalities. Mapping Manager is a complement to existing products and allows the business analyst to dynamically build mapping specifications (via drag and dropping of metadata from the metadata browser) which become clean, approved requirements/ inputs to ETL developers. In addition it can help with the variety of constraining regulations and provides specific functionality for compliance with HIPAA, ICD, SOX, PHI Handling, and CMS standards. Mapping Manager will get more feature rich with its many added features such as Drill Down on Mapping Statistics to view detailed information, Ability to store links to Documents (e.g. SharePoint links), new Dashboard report containing summary of Source/Target fields not mapped within a project, Auto Assignment of User creating the mapping as Mapping Designer and so on. This new release will go a long way in making Mapping Manager even more competitive and robust.”

Mapping Manager notably can be integrated with industry’s leading ETL and ELT tool providers like Informatica, IBM DataStage, Talend, Pentaho, Microsoft SQL Server and others. If the sources are to be believed, AnalytiX DS is working on another ground-breaking solution called “Code Automation Framework Templates (known as CATfX)” that will allow Mapping Manager users to re-use existing code and has capability to auto-generate ETL jobs for leading tool vendors.

Src: AnalytiX Data Services Announces the Launch of Mapping Manager Version 6.2

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