AnalytiX DS announces the launch of major release of Mapping Manager Version 7.0

AnaltyiX DS announced the major release of their award winning data mapping tool,Mapping Manager version 7.0. This version is a major release and brings to table significant new capabilities and out of box functionalities. This latest release adds plenty of features and significant improvements to the Integration industry’s first enterprise data mapping solution. The biggest and most significant additions include My Recent Mappings, Simplified Business View of Mapping, and Enhanced Lineage Analyzer with the ability to group Source Columns. This release of Mapping Manager version 7.0 has helped AnalytiX DS maintain its status as market leader in the enterprise data mapping space in data integration industry and pioneering a global marketplace for automation tools and templates targeted at automating manual processes in the data integration industry.

Michael Boggs, the founder and CTO of AnalytiX DS said, “Mapping Manager 7.0 version is well in line with our vision to make life easier for those doing data integration, to create options for working smarter and with greater efficiency in any environment. He further adds Mapping Manager version 1.0 was released in 2006. A lot has changed since the first version was launched. Back in 2006, when most technology vendors were seen offering half-baked automated solutions, Mapping Manager provided faster access to metadata with custom built scanners that brought rich information into the repository, making it easy to ‘drag and drop’ to build accurate mappings in half the time of traditional means. From Mapping Manager v1. To Mapping Manager v7.0, we’ve come a long way and we have learned a ton about creating value through efficiency”.

Mapping Manager version 7.0 extends the unified platform for enterprise data mapping, governance and automation allowing organizations to govern metadata, enterprise data mappings and accelerate manual processes. According to AnalytiX DS, VP of Sales, Sam Benedict “Mapping Manager is built from the beginning to adapt to change quickly because the ability to meet the change is key here. The ability to address requirements and adapt to change has been an integral part of the solution”.

AnalytiX DS has helped many clients from various verticals to overcome challenges with manual source to target mappings besides enabling them to accelerate project delivery, improve standards and quality of data, meet regulatory compliance like Basel, Solvency II, SOX while saving customers hundreds of thousands of dollars by automating the cumbersome legacy data mapping process.

Here is what’s new in Mapping Manager 7.0?

End to End Lineage View
Generate the Start and End points to identify data flow across systems and drill down to relevant hops in between to get the full lineage view with transformation rules.

Metadata Comparison Report
Select any two environments and compare table and column changes. Comparison includes data types, lengths, precisions, scales, column comments, Primary key, Foreign Key, Nullability Keys etc.

Enhanced Lineage Analyzer with Dual Lineage view
This feature lets you view the Dual lineage within a single UI frame with the extended option to view forward and reverse lineages on individual frames

My Recent Mappings
Instantly access the last 10 (number can be configured by the user) mappings modified by you to save you from the pain of having to scroll through the entire project and search for your relevant mapping.

Other Major Features in Mapping Manager 7 Version:

  • Enhanced Module Launchpad
  • Collaboration Center
  • Virtual Target Preview for a Source-To-Target Mapping
  • My Recent Mappings
  • Simplified Business View of Mapping
  • Enhanced Lineage Analyzer with the ability to group Source Columns
  • Enhanced Lineage Analyzer with Dual Lineage view
  • Create Integration Projects in Mapping Manager (vs Resource Manager)
  • Metadata Comparison Report
  • Metadata Browser Configuration for ease of access
  • Desktop View of Mapping Manager(*Beta Launch*)
  • Shortcut link to a row within a Mapping Specification
  • Rich Text Fields in the Mapping Grid
  • Enhanced Auto Map process
  • Assign Data Stewards to Metadata
  • Documentation Support for System Environments
  • Test Manager Enhancements

Src: Mapping Manager Version 7.0

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