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AnalytiX DS accelerates delivery of integration projects through EPICENTER

The Referral Partner is any individual, independent consultant, Systems Integrator, existing customer, or sales professional, who can refer new customers to AnalytiX DS in any number of ways. Referral Partners are eligible for up to a 20% referral fee based on the level of influence for the deal. Whether you are independent consultant, Systems Integrator, existing customer, or sales professional, we’re here to make sure your clients are aware of the potential AnalytiX DS has for their businesses. As an AnalytiX DS Referral Partner, our goal is to empower you to offer a new tool to your clients. We’ll not only help you evaluate whether AnalytiX DS is the right solution for your client’s needs, we’ll also work with you as a true partner to support you every step of the way during the sales process.

We will provide you with the following tools so you can market AnalytiX DS with confidence:
  • Evaluation Software and Demos
  • Offer Strategic Insights
  • Identify Target Markets
  • Leverage Incentives and Promotions

Once you generate a qualified lead, we’ll take it from there answering questions, providing information and helping convert your leads into AnalytiX DS customers. There is no cost to become a Referral Partner and once you’ve been approved for this program— we’ll make sure you have all the marketing resources and sales help you need to succeed.

Referral Fees and Criteria

Partners must meet at least one of the following criteria in order to be eligible to receive a referral fee. All fees are based on the year 1 of initial product-only purchase (services not included).

Stage Description Percent
Lead Identification and Qualification The partner was the first to bring the opportunity to ADS and/or the partner Sponsored the initial client introductions. 5%
Solution Evaluation The partner contributed significantly to the end-customer’s technical assessment. 5%
Solution Selection The partner provided information that helped AnalytiX DS access the appropriate decision-makers. 5%
Closing the sale The partner’s contributed helped close the deal. For Example, the partner recommended AnalytiX DS over other competitive products, the partner developed a strong relationship with the customer the ensured AnalytiX DS selection, and/or the partner’s involvement allowed the deal to be closed faster than if ADS has tried to close the deal on its own. 5%
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