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AnalytiX DS accelerates delivery of integration projects through EPICENTER

A Systems Integrator or Reseller is any company that specializes in bringing together software tools (like Mapping Manager) into a complete solution ensuring that those tools function together, a practice known as “system integration”. Systems Integrator (SI) Partners are experts in providing specialized consulting services in various vertical markets that will help you get even more value from your AnalytiX DS software. SI Partners are experts in their field and have a deep and unique understanding of our solutions. This allows them to help you use AnalytiX DS Software to address requirements such as regulatory compliance or process optimization, as well as the requirements of specific industries.

Reseller margins of up to 40% are available or you can simply refer us into deals for up to a 20% referral fee based on the level of influence for the deal. We have an accelerated discount which is based on volume and as you can see… we start out at 20% then once the partner reaches the acceleration threshold, we give you a whopping 40% for the remainder of your annual partner agreement. Then we reset on an annual basis.

Special benefits for Systems Integrator include:

  • Reseller privileges
  • Build a new recurring revenue channel
  • Ramp up quickly with in-depth partner training
  • Training on AnalytiX DS products, services and support
  • Training on marketing and selling AnalytiX DS
  • Sales and marketing best practices for small businesses
  • Dedicated partner sales manager to help you create and implement plans to grow your AnalytiX DS business
  • Premier tech support
  • Discounts on AnalytiX DS products and services
  • Accelerate Project Delivery 35% to 50%….
  • Deliver Projects with a higher profit margin while offering lower costs to customers
  • Mapping Manager is the “Secret Sauce” that differentiates from your competition
  • Create reusable custom code-gen ETL templates Code Automation Template FrameworX (CATfX)
  • Joint business planning & quarterly review
  • Accelerated Reseller Discount and Referral Fees (based on sales volume and influence)
  • Mapping Manager is included for use on unlimited customer projects
  • Sales training, pre-sales technical accreditation and product certifications
  • Marketing & Sales Enablement
  • Augment your resources (subcontract our ETL consultants)
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