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About Mapping Manager

Mapping Manager provides an integrated repository to govern your data dictionaries and build & version the data mappings through the lifecycle management process. Mapping Manager helps build repeatable code generation processes using its robust automation framework to eliminate manual development efforts that save your organization valuable time cost and resources. Mapping Manager is a proven solution that significantly lowers the cost to build enterprise Data Warehouses and Big Data solutions using industry wide best practices that accelerate the delivery with no compromise on quality.

Mapping Manager is 100% metadata driven and is used to define and drive standards across integration projects within an enterprise, enable data & process audits, improve data quality, streamline downstream work-flows, increase productivity (especially over geographically dispersed teams) and give project teams, IT leadership, and management visibility into the ‘real’ status of integration and ETL migration projects across the enterprise.

Mapping Manager Big Data Edition enables organizations to reduce costs & accelerate project delivery by automating the big data mapping process thereby making it faster, more manageable & collaborative while auto-generating ETL jobs for leading ETL tool providers. Mapping Manager for Big Data bridging the structured and unstructured data sources to meet your big data challenge.

Key Features:

  • Auto-Mapping of Source to Target Columns
  • Comprehensive Impact Analysis
  • Upstream & Downstream Data Lineage
  • Easy-to-use drag and drop UI interface
  • Scan & Import Metadata from a wide variety of source sytems
  • Version management and change control
  • Auto Generate ETL jobs for leading ETL Tools
  • Define, share and reuse enterprise Transformations
  • Easily Import your Legacy Spreadsheets
  • Role Based Security
  • Supports many to many relationships
  • Track the status of mapping specifications
  • Workflow & Approval management
  • Reuse and share routine transformation logic

Core Features of Mapping Manager

Mapping Manager brings out-of-box features that offer incredible value to any data management organization. Key Features of Mapping Manager

Metadata Driven Mapping Management

The Mapping Manager leverages the underlying source and target system metadata to accelerate the process of creating your source to target mapping specifications using a drag and drop technique that lets you build metadata driven mappings.

Lineage & Impact Analysis

The Lineage Analyzer lets you generate an end-to-end lineage between your repositories and view the data flow from your source system all the way to your reporting layers.The Impact Analysis capability lets you instantly identify the impact of a change to an attribute or a table across your warehouse in a matter of seconds thus saving valuable time and resources.

Collaboration and Workflow Management

The Mapping Manager is a web based solution that brings diverse project teams including Business Analysts, Data Architects, ETL Developers, Testers, and Project Managers etc. together in a highly collaborative environment aiding in the process of faster decision-making and approvals.

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