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About Reference Data Manager

The Reference Data Manager helps organizations drive the standardization of user defined reference data and Codesets i.e valid values across an enterprise. The Reference Data Manager allows organizations to create standardized Codesets, valid values & User defined reference tables and supports importing of legacy codes across multiple operational systems. The Reference Data Manager facilitates addition of new codes and import of legacy codesets through its upload and database scanning mechanisms and allows customers to build and version Codesets, Code Mappings and user defined reference tables and deploy them to various environments.

Key Features:

  • Enables Enterprise Governance of Codes, Reference Data and standardization across Enterprise
  • Enterprise visibility into Codesets and Reference data
  • Streamline conversion between legacy and standard codes
  • Improve data quality confidence
  • Publish and Version Codesets, Code Mappings, Reference Tables and compare changes
  • User friendly UI to maintain Codesets, Code Mappings & Reference Tables

Core Features of Reference Data Manager

Reference Data Manager brings out-of-box features that offer incredible value to any data management organization. Key Features of Reference Data Manager

Code Standardization

Reference Data Manager helps drive the maintenance of legacy Codesets & Reference Tables across multiple source systems and standardize them for use across the enterprise. Business Users can define the enterprise valid values and/or in cases of data acquisitions and mergers, map the legacy code values across various organization source systems to a single enterprise standard thereby bringing in greater control and standardization.

Governance & Management

Reference Data Manager helps provide a collaborative user environment for easy governance and maintenance of the Codes. Gain better governance, control and manageability of enterprise code values and code-crosswalks used to map dirty code values to governed valid values.

Version & Publish Mechanism

The Codesets, Code-Crosswalks and the Reference Data Tables can be versioned, published and maintained over the course of the lifecycle management process. The tool supports the generation of Change Comparison reports and provides detailed audit captures to comply with quality standards

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