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About Release Manager

Release Manager offers a clean, intuitive 100% web interface to track the release process approvals, audits, and verification’s through the approval process when migrating release objects from one environment to another.

Release Manager enables the user to upload any kind of shared template objects when standardizing the type of forms required for planned releases, system access and approvals. The system empowers release managers to standardize a document repository to standards the release process and release documents required for a release. The quick, efficient and user friendly interface brings process, standards, management and collaboration to the area of release management from one environment to another.

Key Features

  • Empowers release managers to define and promote best practices and standards
  • Streamline and facilitate release management process
  • Reduce risk and meet corporate compliance standards
  • Improve efficiency and reliability by automating the release management process
  • Increased productivity and improved organizational autonomy via shared and collaborative release management environment

Core Features of Release Manager

Release Manager brings out-of-box features that offer incredible value to any data management organization. Key Features of Release Manager


The Release Manager provides a consolidated repository to maintain and document all release artifacts. This includes Mappings, Codesets and Crosswalks, DDL/SQL Scripts, Release/Migration Forms etc. Stakeholders get greater visibility and insights into a release and can manage the releases with greater efficiency


The Release Manager facilitates easy governance and workflow management. The workflow management process empowers Release Managers with greater control and visibility over the release management process. The Release Managers get a detailed overview of the entire Release package and can make business decisions accordingly to approve the release candidates.

Release Artifacts Deployment via CATfX

Release Manager when integrated with CATfX can be a powerful solution to auto deploy release artifacts and code into the development, test and production areas. Schedulers can be built to auto deploy code packages across multiple platforms.

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