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About Sensitive Data Discovery (SDD)

The Sensitive Data Discovery (SDD) is a Data Quality product specifically designed to monitor sensitive data across the organization and provide better visibility and control across the enterprise to identify data security threats and reduce the associated risks.

Sensitive Data Discovery provides a comprehensive mechanism to define business data elements for sensitive data such as personally identifiable information (PII), sensitive personal information (SPI), protected health information (PHI), payment card industry data security standard (PCI DSS) and more.

The Sensitive Data Discovery (SDD) platform utilizes a proven methodology for performing comprehensive data quality assessment which crawls through data and metadata to scan and detect sensitive data across the organization and report these for governance, risk assessments and monitoring to ensure all your sensitive data is properly identified and governed to meet regulatory compliance and reduce risk of data breaches.


  • Connectors to a variety of Databases, big data repositories and No SQL systems
  • Empower Organization process owners and stewards to manage and govern sensitive data using a proven methodology and software driven approach.
  • Define Business Data Elements for PII, PCI, PHI and other sensitive classification and configure rules to detect sensitive data
  • Quickly profile sensitive data by performing metadata level and value level matches.
  • Quickly create monitoring and remediation rules to correct and improve data quality
  • Publish Sensitive Data Assessment Scores to perform detailed risk assessment across the organization’s data
  • Highly Scalable and Robust. Proven solution to assess large datasets. Product can be configured in a Big Data Hadoop environment


  • Reduce risk of data breaches
  • Comply with regulatory compliance and improve data quality
  • Automate the assessment of sensitive data and potential anomalies in data behavior.
  • Publish location of sensitive data to knowledge workers
  • Eliminate significant investment costs to manually identify data anomalies and management of sensitive data
  • Perform periodic automated assessments to remediate risk and improve data quality.
  • Identify and understand where your sensitive data exists – both within and outside the organization.
  • Business-friendly interfaces and workflow empowers business users and data stewards to govern and report off sensitive data.

Core Features of Sensitive Data Discovery (SDD)

Sensitive Data Discovery brings out-of-box features that offer incredible value to any data management organization. Key Features of Sensitive Data Discovery


Sensitive Data Discovery helps analyze and discover sensitive data across relational databases, big data & No SQL repositories and cloud data stores, and file data by quickly establishing a connection to the target repository and efficiently performing a metadata level and value level analysis to identify the location of sensitive data and reporting the statistics.


Sensitive Data Discovery enables the discovery and classification of sensitive data based on metadata and data value patterns and algorithms. Organizations can define business data elements and rules to identify and locate sensitive data.


Sensitive Data Discovery uses highly robust and performance efficient scanning mechanisms to process millions to billions of records to discover sensitive data and report the results in a quick and efficient manner in the SDD Governance Portal.

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