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-- Dan Linstedt, Author & Inventor of Data Vault

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Code Automation Templates ( CATs ) and Automation Bundles use a 100% metadata driven template approach to automate every step of the Data Vault automation process.
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The AnalytiX DS Mapping Manager is the certified solution that generates Data Vault jobs and helps Organizations comply with the Data Vault methodologies and in turn deliver valuable ROI. Having direct access to the ADS Product Engineering Team and using the robust CATfX automation framework has helped me build robust DV 2.0 solutions to clients across the globe. The CATfX automation framework offers greater flexiblity and code gen capabilities than anything I have seen to achieve the desired level of Data Vault automation and help in successful implementation of Data Vault methodology.
-- Dan Linstedt, Data Vault Inventor.
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Data Vault automation uses Code automation Templates (CAT’s) to automate the code-generation process for rapidly building the Data Vault (RapidGen EDW methodology). Mapping Manager enables governance of the Data Vault and Universal Code-generation for industry standard technology platforms.

Automate Manual Tasks And Accelerate Project Delivery

AnalytiX DS John Carter
John Carter
Director of Professional Services
Date & Time : Oct 04, 2018. 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST
Join the webinar and learn how to accelerate your data vault implementation using a 100% metadata template driven approach to accelerate delivery and increase standards across the data management architecture and SDLC Process. During this webinar you will see how scanned metadata can be used to generate DDL, Data mappings and Generate SQL and ETL jobs to generate Hubs, Links, Satellite’s, of the RAW VAULT and PIT and Bridge tables for the Business Vault and DataMart’s. Discover the built-in customizable automation capabilities of using AnalytiX DS open Framework and universal Code Automation Templates (CATs) to truly accelerate your Data Vault project.