Data Solution For Architect

As an architect you are responsible for ensuring the delivery teams are using the most appropriate tools designed to fit their requirements and that the tools meet internal IT standards and integrate with other tools as needed across the organization as well as promoting best practices and standards across all delivery teams.

You will be able to:

  • Standardize all the delivery teams source to target mappings with Mapping Manager in a central web based repository designed to manage mapping through the lifecycle change and approval process.
  • View end to end lineage of data. View mapping lineage and auto-document mappings from procedural code by reverse engineering ETL jobs, procedural code like stored procedures, java code, COBOL programs and more.
  • Meet regulatory compliance with tools and Govern Sensitive and Protected data in a central metadata repository.
  • Auto-document code and create mappings and lineage. Pre-built cats enable you to auto-document almost all code.
  • IT modernization – automate the re-platforming of legacy tools and technologies using CATfX automation to convert from legacy etl tools, database technologies to new modern high-performance systems
  • ETL/ETL Big Data and Testing Automation.For the past 20 years the data integration coding process has been manual, while architects have tried to create and document standards in Microsoft word documents. Now using CATfX you can standardize your “job design patterns and best practices” using Code Automation Templates (CATs) which ensure the standards are not only documented, but enforced with the CATs and the code is generated enabling development teams to deliver faster and with better standards enforced by the standards configured in the CATs.
Modules for Architect
EPICENTER's Automation component i.e. Code Automation Templates Framework (CATfX) is an automation framework designed for Developers and Analysts to automate manual processes, perform integration tasks and save your projects significant time, cost an...
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