Data Solution For Business Analyst

Mapping analyst no longer have to manually type their source to target mappings into excel based templates. The mapping manager platform allows mapping analyst to upload their existing excel templates into the web based mapping repository to centrally store and govern, track and manage mappings through the lifecycle approval process and provide tools to drag, drop build and version source to target mappings from the scanned metadata in the metadata catalog. Creating and managing mappings is fast, accurate and more manageability with team visibility and collaboration features which enables greater visibility and collaboration across the entire data mapping process

Modules for Business Analyst
Enterprise Data Mapping
Enterprise Mapping Management platform is the integration industry’s premier 'Enterprise Data Mapping' platform to manage data mappings through the life-cycle process, enabling governance, automation, visibility and lineage of the data in a single ...
Integration Lifecycle Management
Organizations often invest heavily in individual software development tools for managing projects, requirements, designs, development, testing, deployment, releases etc. Tools lacking in inter-operability often result in cumbersome manual processes a...
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