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Developers can get rid of the repetitive task of hand-coding for Big data/ETL/ELT tools, SQL generation etc. that is time consuming. The code automation platform allows developers to create version and publish re-usable code automation templates (CATS) to generate code for Big Data, ETL/ELT Tools, Code Parsers, SQL generation or Custom Adaptors and Connectors to anything by Scanning metadata and Generate code for anything using a 100% metadata driven approach to automation. CATS drastically increase developer productivity with reusable code automation templates (CAT’s) besides reducing costs and increasing quality, standards & time to value.

Modules for Developer
EPICENTER's Automation component i.e. Code Automation Templates Framework (CATfX) is an automation framework designed for Developers and Analysts to automate manual processes, perform integration tasks and save your projects significant time, cost an...
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