Data Solution For Project Manager

Managing data integration projects, managing release approvals and release cycles has never been easier. EPICENTER offers integrated workflow management and approval processes across metadata, Mappings and Glossaries to make this process easy to manage. The Release Manager provides a central platform to govern all releases and their approvals. The Release Manager helps Project Managers plan, track, validate and manage the release process with integrated calendar views to enable enterprise visibility into the status of all on-going projects and generate detailed release plans for all releases and the release artifacts.

Modules for Project Manager
Enterprise Data Mapping
Enterprise Mapping Management platform is the integration industry’s premier 'Enterprise Data Mapping' platform to manage data mappings through the life-cycle process, enabling governance, automation, visibility and lineage of the data in a single ...
Integration Lifecycle Management
Organizations often invest heavily in individual software development tools for managing projects, requirements, designs, development, testing, deployment, releases etc. Tools lacking in inter-operability often result in cumbersome manual processes a...
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