Our vision is to make data integration less -busy and more productive

Our Mission & Vision

Our vision addresses the business need of having to do more with less! Focusing on software automation, efficiency and most of all – Saving our customers time and money! Our vision is simple: create and innovate new differentiable software products which automate manual processes organizations undertake today while complimenting larger software platforms by IBM, Informatica, Oracle and others. Accelerating project delivery and automating manual processes organizations go through today to keep up with new demands arising from having to manage and process growing amounts data.

The Story Behind Our Story

Great things won't happen by chance, they will happen by choice'. This one quote says it all about the back story behind our organization. AnalytiX DS (ADS), didn’t happen by chance, it was born out of a deep desire to take away the pain and risk out of the design phase of integration projects. In 2006 Michael Boggs founded AnalytiX DS with the sole aim of bringing automation to one of the remaining areas in the data integration industry.

When Michael Boggs set out to solve data integration industry's major pain point, he ventured into the niche space of source to target data mappings which no one has ever thought before. That set the ball rolling for AnalytiX DS, making it the first such organization to come up with a solution that promises to do away with the legacy excel based mapping approach, the main reason behind why up to 50-70% of time and resources falling through the cracks and going unnoticed.

That is how ADS introduced Mapping Manager the first enterprise software in the integration industry. What started as a "Pre-ETL source to target mapping documentation & automation tool" has over a period of time metamorphosed into a full-fledged automation enterprise solution that caters to the "Data Governance and Life Cycle Management across the Data Integration Projects".

With a major focus on automating "Pre-ETL source to target mapping", ADS has many firsts to its credit including introducing CATfX, industry's first code automated framework for data integration professionals which extends the tools capabilities of Mapping Manager. Thanks to its "Customer Driven Development" model, AnalytiX DS continues to add more enhancements to its product arsenal.

It is indeed a matter of immense pride that over 1000+ organizations & 50% of the Fortune 1000 companies rely on Mapping Manager to govern the data mapping process of data integration projects. We can proudly say, we have changed the industry and we are changing it and with the volley of new requests for functionality flooding us every day, we will continue to bring the change. Yes we believe and live by the quote "Be the change you want to see in the world".

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